Game 5

I wanted to write something eloquent here.   Something that would change the way that you will look at tomorrows game.  

I do not know if I can do that.  Lets be honest here, 2 days ago you would have put the chance of a game five somewhere between Bud Selig being sainted and Joey Votto starring in a reality show.  Now we are about 17 hours away from that happening.   

It was not a pretty site that brought this upon us, but for a moment I’d like you to forget that. 

Heres what I’d like you to remember.  Tomorrow is a game, just like todays, a game that starts Zero to Zero and a game where we have arguably our best pitcher, Mat Latos pitching.  A pitcher who giants fans were so happy to see gone from their division they had a party (I’m sure one of em did).  A pitcher who already schooled them in the fine arts of getting their ass kicked once this post season.  A pitcher whose wife will probably need to be put into a medically induced coma to avoid the stress (or Vodka induced).  

Think about this as well.  How much more sweet will tomorrow be if they win?  How much momentum do you automatically get from a huge (At this point) upset victory that otherwise seemed unlikely?  

Root for your Redlegs tomorrow, Watch what will happen, because tomorrow, I predict Victory and a NLCS Berth that will eventually be against the St Louis Cardinals.  

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