In Defense of Joey Vottos On Base Percentage

In Defense of Joey Votto’s OBP

I keep hearing that Joey Votto isn’t paid to walk.

Joey Votto isn’t paid to hit singles.

Joey Votto is paid to hit Home Runs.

Joey Votto is paid to hit doubles.

Joey it seems is paid to have a high ops, no matter how that comes about.

Joey Votto is doing this extremely well so far this season.

He’s started the season with a .910 OPS, based on a .445 On Base Percentage and a .465 slugging percentage.

Heres where it gets interesting.  From Baseball Reference Joey has been up to bat 50 times FIFTY  with 2 outs thus far this year.  In those 50 times he has walked 8 times and struck out 12.  He’s also been hit by a pitch twice.  Seriously.

With 2 outs he has a .985 OPS and a .325 batting average.  But no matter what you will keep hearing how he needs to not walk, he needs to hit more.  If you take those 10 times he’s gotten on base without the courtesy of a hit (with 2 outs) and give him the benefit of the doubt that instead of getting a hit 3 of those times, he’d get a hit 4 times you still have 6 more times he would end the inning with an out.  6 less chances for the reds to score, 6 more outs given away.

So I know this is a semi stat heavy article, but my main point is this.  Would I like to see Joey hit more home runs?  YUP!

Does On Base Percentage still mean a huge amount toward winning games? YUP!

With that being said, he’s getting on base a little less than half the time!   How can I not be happy about that?  How can I see that as bad?  Watch his At Bats, if 1st base is unoccupied they do what they can to pitch out of the strike zone hoping to god he doesn’t get anything to hit and will just randomly swing.

Sometimes it works out in there favor, but 45% of the time it doesn’t.

That’s good enough for me.


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The Half Minute Gifts That Pay The Bills



Reds games are rarely confused with the NFL’s championship game. The action on the field can be just as exciting, but the advertising spots that keep the cameras rolling are no where near the multi-million dollar commercials aired during the Big Game. In fact, unlike the super spots at the end of the football season, the commercials during the Reds game gives you a chance to grab something from the kitchen, use the bathroom or read a chapter in Joel Luckhaupt’s newest guide book for Reds fans rather than glue you to the screen.

Two early favorites have emerged on Fox Sports Ohio that Reds fans out of the market may not have the pleasure of seeing. One is this spot for Muenchen’s Furnature featuring Pete Rose and his wife, Kiana Kim, who apparently can’t agree on ANYTHING for their house.




The other commercial has yet to appear on YouTube, but I’ll be sure to link it up as soon as I see it is available. In the meantime, you can should follow @MANdresonPR on Twitter for information about the Reds and random, cryptic tweets that show his love for the bit of common sense advertising.



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The Dusty Lineup #CONTEST

The Dusty Lineup

I’ve often heard the words “Dusty Lineup”.  It’s a quick and easy crutch to grab on when looking for an excuse as to why this team loses.  It’s at times hard not to get upset when you see certain lineups and players rolled out.


Or the infamous “Sunday Special/Getaway Day” Lineups.

Or the Every day lineups.

I honestly think that everyone on my twitter feed minus Johnny D has at least one time posted complaining about a lineup.  I’ve even mentioned the Sunday special before on HFS, it happens.  When we get annoyed its the first thing we complain about.  Even Marty on the post game show tonight mentioned “Shaking up the lineup” and that Dusty doesn’t seem like the type of manager to do that, but that maybe it would be for the best.

The Lineup from todays game was what I consider to be a everyday lineup or pretty close.

CF Choo

SS Izturis/Cozart

1B Votto

2B Phillips

RF Bruce

3B Frazier

LF Paul/Heisey

C Mesoraco

There are obviously variations, but listed above is yesterday and todays lineup.  It would also obviously be very different with Ryan Ludwick in the lineup. In reality though, aside from maybe some work around the 2 hole (gregs snickering somewhere) I don’t honestly think there is much I would change in it.

Heres what I would like from you, the happy go lucky reader of Head First Slide,  A Lineup.  Everyone including at times myself seems to think that we can do Dusty Bakers job better than he can, so lets put our pen to paper and try.

Oh and also this is the first HFS Contest of the blog.

We’ll take everyones lineups, put them up against one anothers, and hold a vote, whomever gets the most votes will win a Sean Marshall Authenticated Autographed baseball, courtesy of Fun Time Sports.  We will then take the “Winning lineup” and do some analytics on it to see exactly how well it would perform.

I’d tend to bet that in the end most of them aren’t that different.  So post it in the comments below, by 5/1 on 5/1 we’ll open voting and by next Saturday we’ll be giving away that baseball.

Let the Games Begin!


HFS Richard

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Ryan Stiner

My wife and I requested off work for today. It was the last day of racing in the Spring Meet at Keeneland Race Track in Lexington, one of the most beautiful places within “day-trip radius” of Cincinnati.


Keeneland holds live horse racing in April and October and the town of Lexington thrives. If you can pull strings at work, make a weekday trip of it. If you can’t, Saturdays at the track are usually busy and full of all types of people to watch as you bet the ponies.


There are many day trips you can take around the Cincinnati area. Keeneland Race Track in Lexington, Kentucky is one of my favorites – what are some of yours?

You can tell me which horses to bet on by leaving a comment below or reaching out to me via Twitter at @GeoffreyHoman.

Head First Slide Season 2 Episode 3 Show Notes

Heres the newest episode of HFS.

This one was done with no bob evans involved.  (although we did make Big Red Smokeys and Queen City Brats and Metts with Some Uncle Phils Mustard)

Also please remember you can also get it on iTunes, Stitcher, Zune/Xbox marketplace, Blackberry podcast app and many other places.  Let us know what you think, also if you have questions for “What Would Pete Rose Do’ shoot them below into the comments!