Hello, my name is Geoff…

When the boys at Head First Slide asked me to give this writing thing a shake, I’m not sure they knew who exactly they are asking.  You see, I have no “inside information”. I was never a major league ballplayer (or minor league…  or college… or even varsity high school…).  I’m not a Sabrmatrician who can tell you what will happen during an at bat on a Thursday afternoon at precisely 8:24 pm when the temperature is a sweaty 83 degrees after a pregame meal of spaghetti and chocolate milk when two runners are on (one wearing a red undershirt – the other not) and one out while Dusty is on the first step of the dugout and the opposing manager is on the top step. I can’t do any of these things because I am just a fan of the game and, more specifically, the team from Cincinnati. 

What I told them I CAN do is to use this forum to express my opinion – however popular or not – about things that I would talk to my friends about at work or during happy hour.  I will promise to keep the thoughts brief and I will check any comments left by anyone who decides to leave one (Mom, I’ll just text you so you don’t have to leave updates here about babysitting or how long it has been since we visited). I also promise to consult the red squiggly line when I am unsure of a spelling so I have the best chance of spelling the word correctly.

I am a big fan of some local establishments and people, so don’t be alarmed if I find a way to plug them into one of these posts, but rest assured that none of them have taken the leap of sponsorship for my writings. At this moment, with a readership of one (kinda – my 8 month old daughter is watching me, so I’m counting her), I don’t see anyone taking that monetary risk.

So, that is what I will attempt to do until HFS tells me they made a mistake and my services are no longer needed/wanted.  All I ask of you is to read these posts with an open mind, keep the comments clean, be patient if I take some time before responding to your response, but most of all, look for something to be happy and excited about.

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Hello, my name is Geoff…

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