Opening Day

Well opening day has come and gone and in many ways it left more questions than it answered.

For me it was a great day because I got to hang out with a bunch of really people and got to sit and watch a baseball game with my sister.

Heres what I’ll say,  I’m not thrilled with today, anyone who sat in that weather for 1000 innings (or it felt like) can’t be.  I am also not ready to overreact.

Heres my top 5 reasons not to overreact.

5)Remember last year?  This team started out horrendously.  I mean seriously bad.  So bad that when I restarted the blog, I scrubbed off most of last years posts and had to scrub one that was politely recommending the removal of Dusty Baker as manager.  It was about 10 games or so in.

4)They came from warm climate, they are now in a cold climate.  This may sound weird, but hell when I flew from hawaii to vegas I was super jet lagged and my wifes sinus’s blew up.  We had spent 5 days in hawaii.  They just spent 8 weeks in arizona and flew to cincy and less than 48 hours later played baseball.  It understandable that they may not have hit their best today, it wont be understandable a week from now or a month from now, but its understandable now.

3)Cueto was on fire.  For that matter so was the rest of the pitching staff.  If you had told me they would end the day with 14ks and giving up 3 runs, I would have assumed we won and won big.  You cannot complain about how they pitched today

2)Choo looked good, real good.  Choo did everything you’d want to see him do, and that includes running the bases.  he scored the Reds lone run and gave hope that the leadoff position wont be what it was.

1)Its been 1 game, seriously. There are people calling for Dusty Bakers firing already.  There are 161 more to go, lighten up a bit!


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