Almost Perfect…

Last night, Yu Darvish almost cemented his name in the baseball history books.  At some point in the evening, you probably received texts from friends, saw crawler lines on your tv or saw the many tweets that were updating his progress and jinxing his results (allegedly). Even if you’re not a Ranger fan, you probably wanted to watch, because “27 up and 27 down” is exciting, and it’s history. When Travis Wood took the Phillies 8 2/3 innings of perfect baseball, I was in the frontier of Alaska and guess what – the Cincinnati Reds were on tv and everyone around the screen was cheering for our Reds, even though we were hundreds of miles from the nearest MLB ballpark. It’s that type of exciting.

That’s one of the things I love most about baseball – you never know when you’ll be in the presence of greatness to the extent of “forever” and “history books”.  You can try to calculate when season-long or career-long milestones might be reached, but baseball gives you the chance to see something rare and special EVERY SINGLE GAME.

Yu Darvish is a very good pitcher.  So is Mat Latos. Tonight at Great American Ballpark just might be one of those nights that 70,000 people claim “I was there” and Mat is given a new nickname a la Tom Browning.

Maybe not – but baseball gives you that opportunity to see history with every game.


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