The beginning of baseball 2013


I’m new here but I enjoy baseball a lot and have a lot to say. I watch baseball as much as I can, even now I am in class and following the early games of the day.

Anyways here is a list of things that I have enjoyed from the first 2-3 days of baseball(other than the Reds)

1) The Astro’s won their first game as an American League team which to me is pretty cool, but then almost had a perfect game thrown against them the next game. I know the Astro’s will not be a 90 win team this season or next but it looks like they are now the punching bag of the AL West.

2) Clayton Kershaw. I don’t think much more needs to be said about his Opening Day.

3) Stephen Strasburg is what everyone was talking about from the National’s game but really he pitched against the Marlins who pretty much sold their entire team.

4) And finally for things other than the Reds, it seems that most analysts have the World Series being the Nationals and Tigers. I completely hope that this doesn’t happen (yes I know I am a Reds fan so I am biased) but for some odd reason I just really don’t want either of those teams to win it this year.

Now onto all the good and bad things the Reds did on Opening Day and other Reds thoughts.

1) Choo got on base more times than Stubbs did in his entire career as a Red (exaggeration clearly) However I am EXTREMELY impressed with the Reds addressing their need for a lead-off hitter and it seems they got a really good one.

2) Cueto was very solid. You really couldn’t ask for much more from the Opening Day starter. Other than a complete game no-hitter/perfect game

3) It is very unfortunate that Ludwick was injured however I can at least take this away from the fact that he will be gone until at least the All-Star break. He was injured extending the play and getting in a better position to score. That is how you play baseball my friends and that is a good sign of things to come this season.

4) With Ludwick going to the DL everyone is screaming for Billy Hamilton to come up and just blow us all away however I don’t think that will happen. The kid has skills, lots of them, lots more than I have ever had doing anything in my life however if you bring him up to early it will hurt him and I did pay attention to him in ST and he did strike out a lot. He needs to get that under control, plus he is learning how to bunt better and lets just let the kid learn and then become a beast.

5) I am currently stalking Jamie Ramsey on Twitter trying to see what the Reds roster move will be but I really think its going to be Robinson (we will see when the announcement is made if I am correct) but he had a solid spring. Lutz would be a good option but he is in AA and I don’t know how much time he spent in the outfield during the spring.

6) Lets hope Latos does not have his normal April problems. He really is a great pitcher and well worth (in my opinion) what was traded to get him.

7) The bullpen was stellar Opening Day even though they did not win, I hope that they maintain the form that they had last year as the best bullpen in baseball. I liked that a lot.

8) I know the biggest thing that happened this off season was the discussion of Chapman being moved to the rotation and I know that a lot of people are unhappy about him not being moved and the signing of Broxton to a big deal if he is just going to be a set-up man but I am THRILLED beyond belief that Chapman is staying as the closer. I know the Reds are paying him a lot to pitch in 1 inning every other day or so but as a closer Chapman will impact way more games (possibly more than 60) than he would as a starter(20-30). Also he would have most likely been on an innings limit this year and what happens if he reaches the innings limit in September and we need him in October, then we are relying on a 5th starter who may have only started 4-5 games in the Majors this year, in the post season. I don’t like those odds. Also (in my opinion) going into the 7th,8th,and 9th inning knowing what our game plan is going to be if we are in the lead is a huge plus, I mean look at Detroit, they haven’t “officially” named a closer yet and the season has already started.

I can’t really think of anything else to bore you with. I accept criticism, just not well…. Kidding. So feel free to tell me I’m wrong but like I said earlier this is all my opinion and Lets Go Redlegs.

Also feel free to tell me if I am grammatically incorrect on anything, my brain moves faster than my fingers.



One thought on “The beginning of baseball 2013

  1. Everyone’s brain moves faster than their fingers. It’s all good. I agree with you on the chapman situation. Leave him in the bullpen.

    I was sad to see drew Stubbs leave. I know he had his strikeout issues but I really liked the guy. He could run like no other! However with that being said choo has performed up to standards so far. If I wanna see drew ill have to tune in for some Indians baseball!

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