A good old fashion butt whoopin’





If you said to me this team would beat StL on their opening day I would have told you I was happy with that.

For that matter if you listened to our season preview all I really wanted out of the Reds first week was for them to take 6/9 of which I wanted at least 2/3 from the Cards *Cough 3/3*. After last weeks opening day disappointment I think for many of us this becomes so much sweeter.  Opening day while still fun, and miserably cold was to a certain extent ruined by the loss.  Today The Reds got to ruin another teams opening day.   Not only did they ruin it, but they left it laying on the floor for dead.

I am honestly shocked by how good this team performed in the 9th inning today, they hit, they walked, they scored, they manufactured runs.  They got the breaks, the balls went where the gloves were not. It felt like by the end of it that Frazier getting struck out was more a mercy ending than anything else.

Now for just a moment I’d like you to remember a few things.

  1. Losing sucks, and just as disappointed as we were last week those that went to StL’s game today felt the same way, and yes they aren’t the nicest fans on twitter but going home after a loss sucks, going home after a opening game drubbing sucks way more.
  2. Its one game, one out of around 300 times we will play the Redbirds this year, lets not get ahead of ourselves and crown ourselves central division or NL champs.
  3. This first 9 games is a huge test for this team as they do have 3 incredible opponents, but there is a reason a season is 162 games and not 16.  Baseball is a Marathon, not a sprint.
  4. Not all of the players are living up to their potential, some are playing way above their ability.  Either way please remember what I just said,7 games in, 9 at the end of this series, don’t freak out.

I think they take at minimum one of the next 2 games, which one I am not sure.  I think its a helluva chance for them to really remind everyone that they are the reigning division champs and that were it not for a meltdown this team should have and would have been in the nlcs and possibly world series.




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