Things I have observed….


Me again.

So the baseball season is in full swing(YAY). I’ve decided to take a break from writing programs and creating databases to write a blog. Here are some of the things I have seen or taken away from all other teams in baseball or things that have happened.

– The Cubs finally realized that Marmol was not the answer as a closer. Good for them.

– Houston won their first game, but have not won a game since, they are also on pace to strike out a record smashing 1,998 times this year. Will they even win 50 games this year?

– It kind of looks like the Blue Jays attempt to “buy” a championship isn’t working to well. Their ace (Dickey) has been knocked around in his first 2 starts, and their offence is not clicking on all cylinders. I’m really rooting for the O’s in the A.L. East.

I have other thoughts and observations about the rest of the baseball world but I have way more about the Reds so here we go on that:

– Todd Fraizer’s start is making almost all Reds fans ask “Who was Scott Rolen?” He is on fire. It’s very refreshing to see him get off to such a great start. His showing that given a chance he can be a real superstar.

– Jay Bruce got off to an awful start and has yet to hit a home run this year, but after striking out 7 times in the first 3 games, and only having 1 hit he is seeming to see the ball exceptionally well now. I know we all love Bruce bombs but I am very happy seeing him go to the opposite field and hitting doubles and singles. He is currently hitting .324 and I know he is prone to ridiculous streaks of 1 for 32 and the like but I will take him batting close to or over .300 all season long and not hitting as many home runs. I mean the person hitting behind him is Fraizer and the people hitting in front of him are Votto and Phillips(for now).

– Choo. What a great addition. I would like to talk about my opinions on him. Yesterday he made 2 errors in the game against St. Louis which were costly. We knew going into the season that we were trading defense for a real lead off hitter. He is going to make errors and I am personally fine with that. We are not always going to be able to come back and demolish teams like we did yesterday. However lets look at what he did in the 9th. He led off with a walk and scored the go ahead run. Then he came up with the bases loaded and hit a bases clearing double, then scored again later in the inning. So his recap of yesterday was 2 errors, 2 runs scored and 3 RBI’s. I believe the result of his errors was 3 unearned runs. With the runs Choo scored and knocked in he pretty much nullified his errors in my opinion. Yesterday my twitter feed was filled with calls for the Reds to move Choo to left and Heisey to center. That would be extremely counter productive. What happens when Ludwick comes back? Choo needs a chance to learn center and get used to it. Moving him now just to move him back when Ludwick comes back would hurt us more in the long run than help.

– The Reds have certainly come out the door running, They have take 2 out of 3 from 2 teams that are slated to do exceptionally well this year. Not only did they win but in one of those wins they completely destroyed the Nationals pitchers with home runs…. in April. The Reds outscored and out pitched the team that almost everyone has picked to win the World Series 27-10. It makes me sad that so little was said about this, I watch a lot of MLB tonight (I try to stay away from ESPN. I’m not a huge fan of their coverage of sports) and it seems like the biggest things that analyst took from these 2 series were the struggles of Josh Hamilton and Bryce Harper hitting his 3rd home run. I know I don’t get paid to analyze baseball but Josh Hamilton ended last year horribly, so bad in fact that he was booed in his last game of the year at Texas. Bryce Harper who came to Cincinnati with 3 consecutive multi hit games went an outstanding 3 for 13 and 0 for 4 in his first game. Not a word was mentioned really about the fact that the Reds threw out the 4, 5, and 1 starter against the very potent lineup of the Nationals. It just makes me sad that the Reds aren’t really receiving the attention they deserve because they are playing as a team, much better than a lot of teams in the majors, and playing above what I expected from them to start the year. 

Well I guess I have said enough to entertain you for a few minutes. I sadly must go back to writing programs and creating databases. 

Go Redlegs



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