One Thing Any Reds Fan Should Do


It’s the shiny new car in the garage at my house…  Finally, after first hearing about the book months ago on Joel Luckhaupt’s Twitter account (@JLuckhaupt), I had the chance to go to an event I was looking forward to hitting up.  A book signing for 100 Things Reds Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die.

Last Saturday, the Reds invited Joel to Great American Ballpark for a meet and greet book signing event during the Reds vs Nationals game. The Bearcats were also taking on the nationally ranked Louisville Cardinals on the same field after the game. So many things I wanted to see/do/be apart of were happening at Great American Ballpark on Saturday… Unfortunately, another thing on the schedule for Saturday was work in Deerfield Township. I had to miss “The Event”.

So when Joel started promoting his book signing that would take place on Wednesday evening, I was excited! Not only was I free from the icy grips of the bossman, but the event time allowed me to not miss the Reds/Cardinals game AND meant I would be home in plenty of time for the new installments of Duck Dynasty (That’s right, JACK!)

What I didn’t realize was that this book would have the kind of hook that kept you reading long after your shows start, your wife goes to bed and you know it’s too late to be awake.  Before you know it, you’re reading about topics you’ve heard of for years, but the little bits of new information keep you reading along. Each chapter is just short enough that you say “I’ll read one more, then call it a night” until you get to the next topic and find that it is something you really enjoy, so when you realize it isn’t too long, you say “I’ll read one more, then call it a night”.

The list contains more things a Reds fan should “know” rather than what they should “do” before they die, and chances are that if you’re reading this Reds-based blog, you’ve already checked off most of them.  The to-do list is more of a validation checklist for the Reds-centric lifestyle we lead. That and an excuse to start saving some dollars for Reds Fantasy Camp.

One of the most interesting parts of this book was getting a chance to listen to the author speak about the book before the signing.  Joel fielded every question from the audience with a style of informative, interesting and funny-when-he-wanted-to-be answers.  He supported a youngster’s dream of working towards taking Joel’s statisticians job while being honest and letting the whippersnapper know that Joel never plans on quitting the job – ever. He listened while audience members told him did-you-knows about his favorite player, which is like telling Louisville Slugger tidbits about baseball bats, but Joel listened to the factoids and turned them into other stories for the audience’s enjoyment.

All in all, the event was a great time.  I highly recommend picking up this book for your Reds library (#71 on your list, by the way).  Keep a lookout for more signing opportunities through Joel’s twitter account because if you can, that is the way to pick up this book.


Thanks for reading!

@GeoffreyHoman on Twitter


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