The Best Week EVER!

Last week I stole a Canadian rock anthem for the theme of my post.  This week, I’ll go to a semi-entertaining show from one of those VH1-style channels. This post will determine who had THE BEST WEEK EVER!

First, let’s look at the Louisville Cardinals.  They defeated the Michigan Wolverines in the mens basketball National Championship game for their first title in a long time and came one win short of winning the women’s version. The mens win showed the power of teammates as the team had to rise above the nasty injury to Kevin Ware that was so bad that I hope I never have to see the picture of his dangling leg again.  The win also helped cover Rick Pitino’s nastiness as a morally casual leader of young men and cement him as a legend of the game. Being inducted into the College Basketball Hall of Fame doesn’t hurt that, either. Add in having a racing horse qualify for the Kentucky Derby and Pitino might have a case for his own entry as having THE BEST WEEK EVER. However, in this post, neither the Louisville Cardinals nor Rick Pitino are the chosen ones.

Tianlang Guan is fourteen years old… and playing in the Masters… on Sunday.  I thought it was a cool story to hear about this 8th grader who won the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship. When I was in 8th grade, I was trying to make the move from trumpet to percussion in the concert band. This kid is making a 26-hour trip to Augusta, Georgia to play against the best golfers in the world in the most high profile tournament in the world. Making the cut to play on Saturday was a surprise to me, but does making the field on Sunday make it the BEST WEEK EVER for Tianlang Guan?  Not on my list.

Defenders of the “WOO!” are having a pretty good week.  The “WOO!” was easily noticeable on Sunday at GABP during the Nationals game and spotted “WOOs!” can be heard from PNC Park in Pittsburgh as the Reds play the Pirates. Not only that, but Twitter sources reported multiple “WOOs!” from minor league parks in West Virginia over the weekend. It seems as though the “WOO!” is catching on and spreading like the type of rashes they tell you about in middle school health education classes (abstinence is the only 100% protection, remember that kids…). For the life of me, I don’t get the “WOO!”. It’s not fun to do, it’s highly annoying and it makes all the fans at the park look like dolts as everyone gets lumped together in the “drunk redneck” label since you can’t pick out the one guy making the noise. However, some people love the “WOO!” and want it to live on. Seeing the “WOO!” in so many new places has to be a good week for those people, but I don’t think they are having THE BEST WEEK EVER!

Maybe THE BEST WEEK EVER should go to Head First Slide who received a little free press from the man himself, Marty Brennaman. On Saturday night, the “Ask Marty” segment was centered around sliding style and which was Marty preferred between feet-first or head-first. The Reds have seen some tough injuries to key players from each sliding style, but Marty professed his love for the feet-first variety by exclaiming “I’m not a big Head First Slide guy…”. If you live by the credo of “there is no such thing as bad press”, then this is a great moment for the guys at Head First Slide! Free press rocks! However, it would’ve been better if Marty said “I love the Head First Slide”, rather than cast it aside, so the Head First Slide Podcast and blog is having a good week, but not THE BEST WEEK EVER!

The St. Louis Cardinals… I hate em… Really, I do. However, look at their body of work since last Sunday.  The started the week dismantling the World Champion San Francisco Giants at SF. At the start of the next series, against our Reds who are favored to win the division by a healthy amount by most talking heads, the Cardinals surrendered 13 runs as they were shellacked in a ninth inning meltdown of EPIC proportions. Since that inning though, the Cardinals have given up a TOTAL of one run. That’s right – the Cardinals gave up a run in the 4th inning of Tuesday’s game then held the Reds and Milwaukee Brewers scoreless though games on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (as of 4:05 EST).  That’s 37 scoreless innings against two offenses that were supposed to put up big numbers. Not only that, but the Cardinals seem to be scoring at will, averaging 6.5+ runs per game in the past week.  When you score a lot of runs and don’t give up any, and you’re playing teams that are supposed to be the cream of the crop, you’re sitting in a good spot. To make it better for the Cardinals, the Reds have been losing to the Pirates (!!!) and Johnny Cueto was taken out of the game on Saturday night with an upper arm injury. As I said, I am not a fan of the St Louis Cardinals, but the way they’ve been playing and the way the competition has been faltering, it makes sense to say the Cardinals are having THE BEST WEEK EVER!

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On a side note, I’d like to send well wished to former Red Austin Kearns who was sent to the hospital today for monitoring an irregular heartbeat.


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