The Making of a Reds Fan


I remember my daughter’s first Reds game. It was September 2010 and we had gone with a big group from my office. In fact, it was her first ever attendance at any major sporting event. I was worried that she would get bored and not last very long. I was hoping she would be interested in the game. I mean, she had watched  me watch sports on TV– surely she picked up something, right? Well, for the first 3-4 innings, she kept asking me: ” Mommy, where’s the flag?” And I kept pointing it out until I figured out she was referring to what I yell at the TV during football games…. “WHERE’S THE FLAG???!!!???” LOL

Well, that was the highlight of the game. She enjoyed some popcorn and lemonade and was ready to leave by the 5th inning.

I didn’t attempt to take her to any Reds game in 2011…because I was busy just trying to keep my head above water and honestly, 2011 was a let down season.

So 2012 rolls around. I went to my very first Opening Day and caught the Reds bug again. It wasn’t until I got active on Twitter again and found my Reds Twitter Friends that I went to games on a semi-regular basis. And I took my daughter to a few more games…without much success in getting her excited about going. She loves the Reds Kids zone, loves the video games in the Kids Club barn, likes getting treats to eat, but really didn’t want to watch the game. But there were a number of times that I bought tickets and she told me I could get a sitter for her and I could go have fun. Really??

How could this be?? How could my child not love sports like I do? How did I become such a sports fan and how can I teach her to love it as well?

Well, it occurred to me that when I was growing up, we didn’t have a choice but to be a sports fan. Let me explain…. I’m the youngest of 7 children…. yes SEVEN…. yes, we are Catholic….and yes I grew up on the West Side. LOL Also, Dad only got 2 sons out of the 7 kids… Boy Girl Boy Girl Girl Girl Girl . Not to mention… we had ONE TV…and guess who was in charge of what we watched?? You guessed it ….Dad!! So it was football, baseball, golf, college basketball, on every weekend. We either watched sports or found something else to do.

So, now I look at my daughter…who’s currently watching vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on You Tube on our iPad while the Reds game is on the TV. Other times, she can go downstairs to her playroom to play or watch TV. She’s not a captive audience.

So, how do I get my daughter to become a Reds fan? How do I get her interested? Well, I figured I would try something new and sign her up for the Reds Heads Kids Club.  She gets a shit ton of cool stuff– jersey, hat, backpack, and a voucher booklet with free tickets and special members only events.

Her reaction when I told her I signed her up for it? Ehhhh… Seriously… I hoped I hadn’t wasted about $30 on this.

So the package arrived and she saw the cool stuff she got. A little more excited..but not about the jersey, hat or backpack….actually she was very excited to get a coupon for Bob Evans.

So yesterday, April 15th… Jackie Robinson Day, I decided to find cheap tickets on Stub Hub and take her down to the game. I wanted to go in order to show support for the team during a losing streak. Found a couple of friends to sit next to us and it was all good.

And guess what?? My daughter was excited for the game!! She got even more excited when we got there and she got free prizes at the Kids Club barn. And we got to our seats and my friend’s 2 year old kept my daughter occupied for a good part of the game. But she was also following…a little bit…of the actual game. And we stayed until the end and made it on Reds Live postgame show. She was so stoked to be on TV.

So overall, it was a great evening and I think I’m making progress on making her a Reds fan!

— “Not Really Amber”

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