Baseball Depression and then not so much

This has been a bad week for all baseball fans.

-I am completely surprised Jose Reyes didn’t break his ankle on that slide into second. They are calling it a severe sprain. If it does in fact end up being a sprain I will be shocked, but I have played sports for way to long and seen way to many injuries to know that it is more than a sprain.

-I am not sure what everyone’s thoughts are on the San Diego and Los Angeles brawl but my only thought on it is (in terms of injuries) is that Greinke could have avoided breaking his collar bone by moving out of the way at the last moment. Clearly I don’t know the whole reason for why Quinten charged the mound but Quinten is a large man. I know Greinke isn’t tiny but in all honesty Quinten is a lot bigger than Greinke, and in my opinion Greinke could have made Quinten look like an oaf by side stepping him at the last minute. That’s just my thought

-Non baseball related thing – I feel really bad for Kobe Bryant, as a fan of any game you don’t want to see anyone get hurt like he did.

-The Nationals pitching isn’t as good as the analysts have said, when facing contending teams they have fallen short, I know Atlant is like an American League team in the National League with their line up and the fact that they can hit the long ball but it seems the Nationals are human, but the Braves are scary.

– Johnny C is on the DL. That sucks a lot but I think the Reds will be ok. Look how well they did last year without Votto. They will pick each other up.

I started writing this post when the Reds were in the middle of their 5 game losing streak which is why it is titled the way it is but since they have won 3 in a row now I will talk about the good things in Reds Country

– Zach Cozart has more home runs than Jay Bruce at this point in the season. Did anyone see that coming? I am in no way saying that it’s a bad thing that Cozart is hitting homeruns, it’s great. I am extremely happy for him since he got off to such a slow start. The 2 hole seems to fit him well since he will see more fastballs batting in front of Votto.

– Today is Tony Cingrani’s first start in the Majors, I must say I am soooo excited to see this kid pitch. He has been tearing it up in AAA. I hope he does as well up here as he did down there. If he does then it will be a nice addition to the team next year.

– I know a lot of people are freaking out about Votto not hitting for power or really hitting but he has been walked 22 times so far this season. The Chicago White Soxs have like 25 or so as a whole team. The important thing is that Votto is healthy and in the line up, they are not going to pitch to him if they don’t have to. If you start to freak out about him not hitting for power just remember he has been on base every game this season and the one homerun he does have was a bomb. So do not fear Votto will be just fine.

– I think I have a new favorite Reds moment thanks to yesterday and the 11 minute walk off win. That was pretty cool.

Well I think I’ve wasted enough of your time for now. Feel free to find me on the twitter @perfectfiction9

Go Redlegs



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