Dissecting the “Woo!”

The “Woo!”.

Those two words either make you grit your teeth or pump your fist. It fills you with pride or with questions about someone’s BAC. There’s a small amount of middle ground on the issue – you’re either a “Woo!er” or you aren’t.

Over the next few days, I will attempt to dissect the “Woo!” to find out the “who”, “when” and “why” of the “Woo!”. By the end of the week, and with your help, I hope to identify the typical “Woo!”er, typical “Woo!” time and “Woo!” situation. This will not be easy and it will most likely not be pretty, but it is past time for this to be broken down and explained in simple, easy-to-understand terms.

If you have any insight into the “Woo!” or want to help sway the outcome of the research one way or the other, please leave a comment here or Tweet me (@GeoffreyHoman). I am interested in collecting information and comments from all point of views as to make an honest and complete assessment.

God help me – I’m about to enter “The Woo! Zone”.


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