Because why not

I don’t really have a lot to say about other baseball teams this post but of course I do have a few things

– The Dodgers went from having 8 starting pitchers in one week to having 4 the next. That could be a big problem in Dodgerland.

– There is one player in all of baseball that I really truly feel sorry for and we, as Reds fans, have seen him play for the last 4 games up close and personal. Giancarlo Stanton. Have you ever seen a player play with what seems so little heart? I mean here is his batting line this year

13 48 2 9 2 0 0 1 9 20 1 0 .188 .316 .229 .545

That is just ugly. Not to mention he has already sat out because he hurt himself and had to sit for a few games. He didn’t get his first RBI until today, 13 games into the season. Last year he was hitting home runs that still haven’t landed yet and this year I don’t see him getting to 20-25 homeruns because not a single pitcher is going to pitch to him. For the sake of Stanton, trade him. He is such a good player as a baseball fan it pains you to watch such a good young player look so unhappy.

– Biggest surprise team of the year so far? The Rockies. They are the perfect example of if your team is healthy you can play well. I don’t know how long that will last but good for them.


Now onto the Reds.

– Ryan Hanigan has gone on the 15 day DL. That is sad and that sucks. The good thing is that a lot of people have been clamoring for Mesoraco to play more. Looks like he is going to be. I really do hope that Mesoraco does well. It would be really nice if we had a healthy Hanigan throwing people out and Mesoraco hitting like he can, his catching will improve the more he plays. #FACT

– There clearly must be something wrong with Joey Votto. 

19 64 14 21 1 1 3 7 25 17 1 0 .328 .522 .516 1.037

Lets send him down to AAA so he can figure it out. Or we could ask Stanton if he thinks this is struggling. In the last 2 games I think Votto has raised his batting average 60 points or something ridiculous like that. So no Votto does not necessarily get paid to walk, but he does get paid to get on base and he is doing that, a lot. I, for one, am fine with that.

– I will say the only thing that needs to be said about this. Choo is an on base machine. This was a good trade.

– When Ludwick was injured I was extremely worried about Phillips stepping in and being the 4 hole hitter. I’m glad that I was wrong. I think this is one of the best line ups I have seen the Reds have since I actively started paying attention to the Reds again. I really think he has proved everyone wrong and that is the best part about it. 

– Tony Cingrani is going to be a future ace for the Reds, in my opinion. I know it is only a small sample size but as he gets more experience he will just get better and better. I believe that this is the last year for Arroyo in his contract and Cingrani can fill that spot nicely with the pitchers we already have. 

– Finally I know Cueto is on the DL and that is a huge lose for our rotation but today I found this link/stat that should make us all feel really good about our Reds pitchers (if you didn’t already)

It is a list of all 30 MLB teams and the amount of innings their starting pitchers have thrown. I’m sure we won’t stay #1 all season (If we do it will be awesome) but right now we are which is good news for our bullpen.

– One final thought. I’m really glad Cozart didn’t break his finger yesterday. He was very lucky and as a team I’m not really sure how many more injuries they could take.


That’s all I got for now I think.

Oh yeah. Let us not forget the awesome first responders in both Texas, Boston, and all across the world, and may the families that were affected by these tragedies find peace some way or another.

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Go RedLegs



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