The Making Of A Reds Fan (Part 2)

I’m going to piggy-back off another post on Head First Slide to talk briefly about my day today. If you’re a guy, listen up if you’re trying to take an offspring to a game. If you’re a girl, hang tight and there will be a little sumpin-sumpin for you at the end of this quick post.

Today, my wife and I took our almost nine month old to the Reds game. We chose today because 1) April typically isn’t too hot or too cold, 2) Sunday games are in the afternoon and it won’t interfere with her normal bedtime, and 3) The Reds family day offers are absolutely stellar. These three factors made today, April 21, 2013, a day that I won’t forget and my daughter will only remember through stories and pictures…

All in all, there were twelve of us going to the game.  My father- and mother-in-law came up from Louisville (it was also their first Reds game!) and my sister- and brother-in-law brought their ten month old.  My parents and my brother and his new wife also joined us at the ballpark.  The family day offer from the Reds made getting the tickets cheap and easy for the group and our first-timers that could walk were highly impressed with the view.

They also loved the stadium.  The ushers we encountered were very helpful (one lady practically jumped over a railing to wipe my mother-in-law’s seat for her while another offered to go to the fan accommodation stand to get the “First Game” certificates for the youngins) and impressed the out-of-towners. The weather was agreeable and the Reds really came to play. My little girl seemed interested in seeing the field, watching everyone walking around, hearing the cheers and taking a nap for most of the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th innings. Her certificate is already framed along with the ticket stub (we’ll get pizza with the other nine – thanks Homer!) and a picture of her at the stadium. It was a great game for the “first game”.

The Reds game proved to be a perfect excuse to get the entire family together (minus our now Colorado-based sister) for an afternoon without being worried about excessive costs or crying babies interrupting the day for other people. 

With the memories made today at Great American Ballpark, I feel like I owe my sister a little something to try to make up for her missing out.




I think this will do just fine.


If you have an experience with taking someone to their first game, let me know in the comment section or tweet it to @Geoffreyhoman.



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