The Woo! (An Analysis)

Undoubtedly, you’ve heard the “Woo!” during Reds broadcasts from Great American Ballpark. For some reason, this trend has started debates and flared emotions on both sides of the should-they-or-shouldn’t-they aisle.  Realistically, I am going to lump your existing support or disdain for the “Woo!” in with politics and religion and assume that a simple blog post won’t do much to change your mind.  However, it seems to be a baseball topic of conversation in our town right now and that is exactly what Head First Slide is about, so a post must be written!

As a first step, let’s accurately describe WHAT the “Woo!” is (and is not) so that we may move forward on the same page. The best way to describe the “Woo!” is to compare it to a coyote or small dog bark or yip. It’s not the celebratory “WOO-HOO!” that you may hear after a scoring play or awesome Brandon Phillips highlight gem.  While this YouTube clip isn’t the best audio I’ve heard, it seems to be the best that YouTube has to offer on the “Woo!”. It’s a loud, high-pitched yelp modeled after Ric Flair’s scream. Basically, it’s a National Geographic audio file of a pack of wild dogs on the prowl.

What the “Woo!” isn’t, however, is a cheer or rally cry for the team.  The “Woo!” appears at random times of the game, although mostly in the later innings for reasons I’ll talk about later. There isn’t an event or accomplishment that starts the “Woo!” unlike the “Funkblast” tweets for home runs or the flames from the PNC Smokestacks for strikeouts. The “Woo!” is random and unpredictable, making it more “nonsense” than encouraging.

How the “Woo!” affects the team, I have no idea.  I’m not a club insider and my baseball skills haven’t yet rendered a contract offer that would put me in the clubhouse. I do know that Cincinnati usually doesn’t sell out their ball games and having a few “Woo!”ers makes the stadium sound more empty than it actually is on tv, radio, and in person. I’ve also read that the players REPORTEDLY don’t like the “Woo!” and find it distracting (see Jim Day’s tweet below). On Monday evening, Mo Egger from ESPN1530 and 700WLW tweeted “If I was a free agent, having to listen to jackasses yell “woo” 81 times a year would be a deal-breaker” (@MoEgger1530, April 22nd, 10:22pm). While that is his stance for HIS future Reds baseball contract negotiations, you’d have to think that he’s not far off from actual MLB players if current Reds players frown upon the “Woo!”. Plus, he called the “Woo!”ers jackasses, which is probably fairly accurate.

From Paul Daugherty – “And, please God, can we dispense with the Woooos? This isnt a new topic, but c’mon. It was annoying when it first started occurring last summer. Now, it’s worth ejecting people over. Stop embarrassing yourselves and your city. K?

The only part I disagree with Paul D. about is a little bit of an admission for me: I used to like the “Woo!”. Last year, when it started, it was something new and different. It was something not forced upon fans by ESPN or some other source. The Reds (to the best of my knowledge, which is based on Reds employees utter displeasure of the “Woo!”) didn’t put it on the scoreboard or hand out fliers of how and when to “Woo!”. It was an organic thing that only Cincinnati did and it was cool… for a few games. That being said, a part of life is moving on and leaving ridiculous things in the past. There’s a decent chance that the “Woo!” could’ve been fondly remembered if it was around for a few games in late 2012 and allowed to die.

It hasn’t died.

Which brings me to my next area of research – why hasn’t it died?  The only answer I can come up with is that people enjoy pissing other people off.  An easy example would be Monday night as four of us from Head First Slide were at the Reds game in right field. Three of us had already expressed our dislike of the “Woo!” and the fourth was a bit iffy on the topic. I’m not sure if he had ever “Woo!”ed before at a game but when he found out the other three with him didn’t like it, he struck up the “Woo!” support like a campaign manager. It wasn’t because he thought the “Woo!” was good for baseball, the Reds or the fans – he just wanted to push a few buttons with us in the seats next to him and while that is one personal example, it seems like he wasn’t the only one with that mindset.  If you actually catch someone over 12 in the act of  “Woo!”ing, there’s a good chance this person fits one of these two situations:

1) The person has a beer in one hand and stands up, breathes deep and lets out a series of “Woo!”s, only to sit down and pretend not to revel in the attention that he/she is calling upon him/herself for doing such an act and repeats the process because of the response from the nearby crowd,


2) The person is sitting low in his/her chair with a few friends next to him/her to shield his/her embarrassment and yelps the “Woo!”s quickly, hoping they won’t be identified as “that guy”.

As a part of research, I threw myself on the sword and tried a 2013 “Woo!”. Immediately I felt embarrassed and stupid. I have no idea why anyone would purposely “Woo!” in public unless it is a form of payment for losing a bet. However, if that’s what your buddies make you do for losing a bet, maybe it’s time to find new buddies.

The go-to defense from the “Woo!” supporters I’ve encountered seems to be “Let the ticket-buying fan cheer how they want”. I have multiple issues with this defense. First, as we already covered, the “Woo!” is not a cheer. It’s a yelp. A scream. A wild animal hunting call. It isn’t based on any actions on the field and doesn’t inspire anything from the team. It’s not a cheer. Secondly, people can act how they want, as long as it’s within the rules. I can’t take my pants off at a Reds game under the guise of “this is how I want to cheer”. Screaming needlessly in your neighbors ear should be on that same highway, but I’m not telling you can or cannot do something. I’m just telling you that you are embarrassing yourself, anyone around you, your city, and your team by “Woo!”ing. If you want to embarrass yourself, do it where you don’t drag the city and team into it as well. Thirdly, it doesn’t matter if you bought the most expensive tickets or are paid to go to the game – stupid sounds the same no matter what.

I’m guessing that the “Woo!”ers are a small percentage of the Reds fanbase. To be honest, most “Woo!” supporters on Twitter don’t seem as passionate about saving the “Woo!” as they are about trying to prod (trollollol) anti-”Woo!”ers into heated debates. Most of the more active supporters didn’t pick a side until a Reds employee stated their claim, and they seemed to take the opposite argument “just because”.

At the end of the day, we’re all Reds fans and we’re all supporting the same team.  It just seems logical that you would want to support your team in a way that they actually feel supported and not in a way they don’t approve of.

Final Analysis: If you’re older than 12, you should strongly consider ceasing to “Woo!”. You are embarrassing yourself and your city. The players don’t like it. Your neighbors in the stands don’t like it.  I’m hoping that this passes in the night along with the rift from around the time of the Brandon Phillips/Joey Votto contract extensions.


UPDATE: A loyal reader has brought the origin of the sports-arena “Woo!” to our attention: Pittsburgh hockey.  They didn’t like the Woo! either.  Why should we? (Link: )


If you have a dispute to anything in this post, feel free to comment about it below or hit me up on Twitter (@GeoffreyHoman). Just keep it clean because my Mom reads this blog. Hi Mom!


41 thoughts on “The Woo! (An Analysis)

  1. We now have a category tag for Ric Flair, the blog has nowhere to go but down from here, we might as well close up shop.
    #woooooooo #meanbygodgene #22timeworldchampion

  2. I couldn’t agree more. We go to games frequently and I now find myself trying to figure out which days and games are least likely to have ‘wooers’ present. Sadly, it seems like their stupid antics have infiltrated every game. Even watching at home on tv is annoying because of it.

    Is this an issue that we can involve stadium personnel in? Such as we would for an obnoxious drunk?

  3. Is this something we can involve stadium personnel in? Much like you would with a drunk, obnoxious fan? I had a woman sitting right behind me last week who was constantly ‘wooing’. It was beyond annoying. Maybe if it ruins the game experience for enough people and they let it be known, something will be done about it.

  4. I must admit, I was a ‘WOO’er. I just get caught up in the spirit of it all and let out WOOs at random places. I do hate to hear the WOOs when I watch a game on TV, but the spirit just moves me at the ballpark! BUT, I’ve now changed my WOO to be a CHOOOOOO! Yes, I’m a reformed WOOer but now a determined CHOOOOer! Of course, it is only when he bats, hits, catches the ball, or just looks good with his redstockings on!

  5. The woo was stolen from Pittsburgh. It was unoriginal from the beginning. It is actually a Penguins thing. Pirates had a rain delay and one of those late night finishes with hardly anybody in the stands and the drunks started wooing. It hit some small time media and then a few days later Reds were in similar situation and somebody started doing what he saw Pittsburgh do. It is embarrassing as a Reds fan to steal another city’s thing, especially Cincy stealing a Pitt thing. All it is now is a call for attention from drunks. Here is web article from 2010 and the Penguins –

  6. WELL! Now that I know it is from Pittsburgh, I’m stopping the WOO and the CHOOO completely! I have seen the light!

  7. I admit I thought it was kind of funny the first time I heard it. As I recall, it was in the late innings of a Bark in the Park game, and there may have been a rain delay, so I remember being a bit punchy myself that late at night. But now it’s a “thing” that people do intentionally and it is kind of annoying. I believe that ignoring the Woo-ers is the way to go, or better yet, drown them out with real cheers for real baseball reasons.

  8. Here is my take on the WOO. I love it. Always have and always will. But what I see from your side of the argument is a bunch of people using bullying tactics to get people to stop. You’re using the 12 year old mentality you speak of here by agreeing that people who woo are a bunch of jackasses. Other tweets I’ve read, people who woo are a bunch of idiots or a bunch of drunken hillbillies. I see nothing but hate filled rants about how the woo needs to be banned. That there isn’t a legitimate reason to woo and if for some reason you watch wrestling and love when Rick Flair does it you are nothing more than a infantile 12 year old. I absolutely hate language like this. Do we teach our children that it’s okay to use language like this? Do you want to be called these names for something you enjoy doing? I have seen tweets that literally say when people woo the opposing team gets a hit. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. How irrational is a thought like that? That somehow talent and eye hand coordination has nothing to do with it but lets blame it on the woo.

    I get your point though. I’m sure it’s distracting to the players while hitting or whatever. But I have a hard time believing the Reds would go the route of golf tournaments and hold up quiet signs during the game. I woo’d last year and have no intention of doing this year because yes it brings attention to yourself and can be quite embarrassing.

    You wondered why your those that woo want to piss off those that are trying to get it banned? Ask someone who owns a gun if they want the government to take it away from them. It’s the same thing.

  9. Let me add to what I said earlier. The problem with some people is, you have a different opinion than I do? So let’s revert to school yard tactics and start name calling. You don’t like what I have to say or my opinion, then you’re a…..fill in the blank. And we have seen the devastaion of what name calling has done to some individuals in our schools. How is this any different? These people you insult with your name calling are humans just like you are. And I would hope you would see them as such rather than something lower than yourself. I can feel the tension and frustration from both sides of this issue. And if you like it or not they have the freedom, for now as paying customers, to cheer/scream/woo as they please. I think anyone who has a platform as this or a radio show need to really think about the words they choose when describing others. All this talk about the individuals who woo crosses the line of freedom of speech and is nothing more than bullying. Who wants to be called a jackass, an idiot, a drunken hillbilly or a wooshbag? I don’t. Or better yet, if you had a child, would you tolerate them being called such names?

    • Lighten up, Roger. It is only a baseball game. Criticizing the woo has nothing to do with school shootings. Yes. You are free to totally disregard your neighbors at the game and intentionally annoy them, but then you also have to be willing to take their criticism online. I have learned throughout my life that if you respect others, they respect you. So don’t be upset when you disrespect them and they disrespect you.

      • Then you are clearly not getting my point Kevin. And by the way nothing i wrote was disrepectful. I did not once put down the person who wrote this or any of those who choose to tweet the way they do. In other words i’m saying grow up. You get no where calling people names like school kids cause it only angers those you insult. Did you even read this blog? The person who wrote this blog was agreeing with the comment that wooers are jackasses. Is that disrespectful? Then maybe everyone trying to ban the woo should lighten up?

  10. No. YOU missed the point. I never said you called anybody names (just I like I didn’t). Wooing is disrespectful. If you know so many people around you hate it and you still do it, then that is disrespectful. MUCH more disrespectful that random name calling on message boards or blogs. You ruin other people’s experience at the ballpark. People actually turn off the radio or don’t go to ballgames, because the woo. So which is more disrespectful? Try teaching your 12 year old to be considerate of the fans around him and you won’t have to hear the people complaining about him!

    • Then once again Kevin you didnt get where i wrote i wasn’t wooing at the game this year. Maybe you need to lighten up. I even ageed with whoever wrote the blog it brings attention to one self and is embarrassing.

  11. Thanks for giving up the lost cause of the poor 12 year old and school shootings. I hope he learns that when OTHERS (since you don’t woo) disrespect their neighbors, they will be disrespected back. While you are at it, explain to him how trivial name calling is. Quit blaming society in an effort to overprotect your child.

  12. I guess you told me. Okay i will explain how non-trivial name calling is. Were you ever bullied in school? I was and I know the power words have in people’s lives. And quite frankly there is a level of immaturity to name calling as adults and is also disrespectful. I bet you a good percentage of the school shootings started by a group of kids bullying someone. The words that were used were turned into anger and hatred then finally into violence. So let’s go ahead and discount it as something that is trivial. But somehow as adults it’s different, we’re older, we should be a little more thick skin. I say as adults we should be mature enough to realize by now we need to take care of each other with our words. Why is there so many campaigns out there to stop bullying is our schools then? Because it’s important. Because our children our important and should be protected. By the way I don’t have any children and I still see it as important.

    I’ve seen on several accounts how Cincinnati will never be able to be a true baseball city until the woo is stopped. What gets me about this whole campaign it has been started by a bunch of people who most likely once wooed and now think it isn’t cool. So let’s all get angry about it and let’s dictate how everyone else should behave at GABP. On your side you’ll believe it’s disrespectful because I have already told everyone in the city it annoys me so stop it!!! On their side they think why are a bunch of angry people trying to take something away I enjoy doing?

    So let me ask you a question is not booing a hometown player disrespectful? All the comments I saw on twitter the last few days about Jay Bruce and the bad game he had. Do you think players enjoy being booed? How many true Red’s fans believe it’s disrespectful to boo your players. The same argument can be made for the boo then as the woo. But the people that boo will give the same response, I boo because I can and I’ll do what I want with the ticket I bought. A true Red’s fan would encourage Jay Bruce by saying, you might have had a bad game but go get them tomorrow.

    So I get the sense we’ll never see eye to eye on this. You’ll always put more importance on stopping the woo and discount the fact bullying and name calling is trivial. I’d say try and see both sides of it. How many people really like getting things taken away from them anyway? Do you? I’d would also say use all this energy on things that are more important in life than stopping the woo. I get the feeling it’s not going anywhere and the folks on your side are only going to get more and more angry about it.

  13. Since you are making such a big about being disrespected by the woo, I would say you disrespect any child that has been shot in school by someone who was bullied in school.

    • I dare to say that comparing anything about the woo to school shootings is pretty damned disrepsectful. And you’re the one who brought guns into this debate. Its about a cheer, not guns. Get your priorities back in line, please.

  14. I am not sure if you are a victim of bullying or just an extremely over-protective parent, but whatever it is, good luck with your obsession. Better yet, good luck to your kid.
    I am preaching people being considerate of those around them at games so they get respect back. Not sure how that is disrespecting school shooting victims, but it sounds like a personal issue for you.
    In the meantime, everybody else show respect by stopping the woo.

    • Maybe you could get a soapbox and stand out in front of GABP with a bullhorn preaching that you wooers are ruining MY exerience? Maybe you could pass out tracks with rules on how to cheer and how not to cheer according to YOUR gospel? Maybe make up some signs that God hates Wooers?

  15. You are a piece of work. This will be the third time I’ve had to correct you. I have no children. Are you even reading this stuff? The whole point to my argument is you guys are trying to bully these people into stop wooing. And I used the example of the bullying that goes on in schools. That’s it. And you guys are using similiar bullying tactics because its ruining YOUR experience. What about their experience? That’s right you don’t give a crap about theirs only YOURS.

    The more you run your mouth, that place deep down in side of me that can be immature and hyprcritical for some reason hopes the woo never stops.

    I wish you the best in your obession in getting the woo stopped.

  16. I stopped paying attention when you related the woo to school shootings. Hilarious. Ever since then, I have just been pushing to see what is behind such nonsense. Obviously it was personal and you confirmed that.
    School bullying has absolutely nothing to do with it. If anything you are totally contradicting yourself. Fans are stepping up to the people wooing, b/c they are tired of them ruining their experience. Sounds like YOU are in favor of the bullies that don’t care about others feelings. Shocking since you are a victim of bullying.
    One of us is saying respect others while you are not. After your experiences, I would think you would understand the importance of respecting others.

    • Okay for the last time and I’ll suggest you read the entire comment and not just parts then make up assumptions along the way. I was using bullying in schools as a example. Get it, an example? Calling people jackasses, idiots and hillibillies will get you nowhere in stopping the woo. It only angers people when you do. That is where the example comes in, you get it now? Hilariious. You guys alone will not stop the woo. As much as you think you are doing good for the Reds fanbase who despises the woo it won’t stop unless the Red’s organization steps in and does something about it. Are they willing to alienate a small portion of their fan base to appease the majority? And I have a hard time believing everyone that woos is only doing it out of spite to piss all you off. Maybe some do it because they enjoy it?

      Apparently I’m wound too tight to have an argument like this. This comes from a dude who rips on people who have fake accounts and he himself has a fake account and hides his own identity.

      Good luck to you guys in your quest to stop the woo. WOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  17. Fake account? What? This is as real as real gets, but I understand you grasping at straws after embarrassing yourself relating this issue to school shootings. To say (in your words) that you are “wound too tight” is a massive understatement. I chalk it up to lingering mental illness related to your childhood experiences. And no I am not joking or making light of your situation. You obviously still have issues.
    I realize that the woo won’t stop. People know it annoys others and do it just for that purpose. You may recognize such a concept as bullying. Just surprised that you of all people defend bullies after being a victim of bullies in school.
    On a side note: Reds have publicly made it known that they do not like or want the woo. Sure they can not do anything about that, but what kind of fan still woos after the Reds publicly asked for it to stop?

  18. Roger,

    I’m not using bullying tactics in this blog. I am simply giving my opinion about what these people choose to do in public. If you choose to do something in public, you are opening yourself up to public ridicule. This blog is public, which is why Head First Slide has allowed every comment to be posted rather than withheld, even your mentioning of school shootings and trying to tie it in with this blog, which is insulting to me and just as annoying as the woo in the stadium.

    I appreciate you reading and commenting on this blog (as I do for all of you) and hope you continue to do so, but I also hope the comments in the future with be more closely related to the topic(s) being discussed.

    Thanks again for reading!


  19. Some of the things that have been said on the comments section of this page have gotten out of hand. This is a free country and we have never intentionally blocked any posts (spam filter might have hit one or two its hard to tell) nor do we intend to.
    The thing we’d like everyone on here (yes we mean everyone) is we are all fans. Yes we may at times disagree on how to be fans, whether the Woo is worse of the Wave is worse or who has the better hair Mike Costanzo or the Eric the Prince from the Little Mermaid (Costanzo). But we should never turn on each other.
    There are many more important things in the world that are worth fighting for, how to be a “good” fan one way or another is not.
    I am sorry if this post offended anyone, we just want a nice fun happy place to come and talk about the Reds or baseball or anything else that you want.

    Now on to another topic Religion anyone? Politics?


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  21. Hello Ladies. Wow what a huge load of crap this is. I’m amazed at the level of stupidity with some people. I can’t believe there are actually people who walk around and openingly admit they hate the woo, the wave, the tomahawk chop. How about pulling the sticks out of ur asses and enjoy yourselves a little. What does it take to join ur little fascist group u got going on here other than being a bunch of uppity pretenious hate mongering blow hard ass clowns. Perhaps you should recruit Cat Latos and Banthewoo they are a bunch of dumbass which is perfect for this blog. they would kick ur hate mongering of all things fun up a few notches. plus they speak on a 3rd grade level which is perfect for ur readers. I’m just glad someone died and left you ass clowns in charge of policing Reds fans and for being a part of pitting reds fans against reds fans. With that being said b/c I know how much u ass clown bloggers/podcasters love using the saying. I did a little research myself. I put on my lab coat for this and had a clip board which makes it official. I know several bloggers and they tend to be narcissistic. The first thing they do when they get up in the morning is check their stats. I gotta check my stats b/c my opinion is not only expert but important. this is typically before their mother brings them their Fruit Loops down to the basement. they are so obsessed with their stats b/c you never know someone in Ireland read it and it’s going global. Who gives a crap if ur blog is 39th in the country for sports blogs. NEWS FLASH no one gives a shit about ur blog. The other part of my expert research I found bloggers tend to be cowards. They say things in the privacy of their own homes they typically wouldn’t say to someone’s face. Easy to call people jackasses Geoff online but not to their face u are nothing more than a coward. Funny to me how you spend an entire blog insulting people and in the end you feel insulted. Cry me a fucking river you whiny little bitch. you play the victim role well like A-Rod does. Perhaps your post topic should be about how ur leaving the world of blogging to follow ur lifelong dream of being a column writer for Cosmo or Covergirl. Topics more up ur alley like the WNBA and LPGA. I applaud you for defining for everyone what a Woo is. Perhaps u should work for Merriam. did you ass clowns hear all the wooing in the extra ending game a few weeks back. Reading a load of shit like this makes me want to take the decibel level a couple notches. If I had my wish the reds would put up a wrestling ring in the fan zone and I would atomic drop each and everyone of you ladies right on ur vaginas. the ultimate would be a Ric Flair night and he would throw you ass clowns into the corner of the ring and bitch slap everyone of you whiny little bitches right across the chest while onlookers woo’d everytime he did. With that all being said there i said it again. I know how much you ass clown bloggers love using it. I said it twice. Maybe I could be a blogger. #callmemaybe Did you ass clowns go to Comic Con when it was in town. U are the types who love walking around in those things in ur spideman underwear. Probably got a stiffy everytime a women walked by or if someone was dressed like princess leia. Guess in ur case it made ur vaginas wet. U are the types who have hobbies like collecting movie stickers like the bunch of dorks u are. U have some alone time with ur Hanna Montana movie sticker while u fantasize about her twerking in front of u.
    So what are the stats for this podcast. I would say it has to be popular in the Sleep Research Clinics across the country. #urpodcastismyambien Am thinking about starting a drinking game when everytime Greg says yuuuuppp or with that being said is spoken i take a drink. Only problem is i would be hammered in the first 5 minutes. Only good thing about the show is the addition of JD Maybe u should let him take over

    • You don’t like the show, yet you listen.
      You don’t like the blog, yet here you are.
      You don’t like people making anonymous comments, yet your “name” is “Tony Max.
      You don’t like people having an opinion, yet here you are giving yours.

      I’m glad the Woo has died off as the season wore on. It is much more enjoyable to go to a game now that the Wooers have realized how ridiculous they sound.

      Thanks for reading, “Tony”!

      • My guess is u ruined a good pair of panties when the cat showed up and left a comment. Please allow me to repeat what i said before so there’s no doubt in ur mind Geoff, ur woo blog is a huge fucking pile of shit and my pressence here is only to return the favor of calling u jackass and for defining who u sad fucks are. Did u really think everyone was going to agree w/ ur sorry ass opinion? it really does suck ass along with the other two anonymous ass clowns. Nice squealer move telling the cat he got a shout out. U not only have coward pumping through ur veins but squealer as well. Ugly combination to have. Sucks to be u. And no real need to flatter yourself thinking I’m sticking around waiting on pins and needles for ur whiny ass to write another blog. U ass clowns are exactly what Ludwick was talking about. Too many of u guys walking around with a stick shoved way up ur ass, sitting on ur hands at the game. U clowns are what make the Reds fans some of the worst in the country. Would like to see how u clowns would make it in a city like Oakland where they’re clanging cowbells, blowing horns and whistles. No fucking way u would last a minute. My only hope Geoff is I end up at a game sitting right next to u. U know what u and Lance Armstrong have in common with Molina and Wainwright? Both of u have a ball between ya
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      • So I’d like to make a few things clear here.
        You didn’t exactly disguise your self well here. Considering you used your “real name” in your email “Tony Max” you’re the same guy that came here what a month ago and posted similar drivel.
        I’m not sure what about this site gets your so worked up, in particular on a blog that has seen sporadic updates since july and in a thread where the only posts that have been made since what may are from you or responding to you.
        I made a policy when we launched the blog that we would never censor a post. We’re reversing that policy now, don’t bother posting we wont approve them from here on.

      • He needs somewhere to vent. No big deal.

        The odd part is that if anyone is being “anonymous”, it’s the guy covering up his name and not the guys with their name all over these posts and site.

        Tony, I don’t expect anyone to change their opinion, in fact, I stated that IN THE POST. I’m very happy that most of the fanbase realized how ridiculous the Woo was and stopped doing it in the second half of the season.

        Face it, Tony, you’re fighting a losing battle. In fact, it’s been over for months. It doesn’t surprise me that you didn’t catch on.

        Stick that in your wet panties.

      • You know what, I take it back, go ahead man, post whatever you want, we’ll go ahead and approve it, enjoy the blog, show, twitter and pretty much everything else.

        Also I should have mentioned before, thanks for the idea for the drinking game! We’ve been having a great time with it!

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