The Dusty Lineup #CONTEST

The Dusty Lineup

I’ve often heard the words “Dusty Lineup”.  It’s a quick and easy crutch to grab on when looking for an excuse as to why this team loses.  It’s at times hard not to get upset when you see certain lineups and players rolled out.


Or the infamous “Sunday Special/Getaway Day” Lineups.

Or the Every day lineups.

I honestly think that everyone on my twitter feed minus Johnny D has at least one time posted complaining about a lineup.  I’ve even mentioned the Sunday special before on HFS, it happens.  When we get annoyed its the first thing we complain about.  Even Marty on the post game show tonight mentioned “Shaking up the lineup” and that Dusty doesn’t seem like the type of manager to do that, but that maybe it would be for the best.

The Lineup from todays game was what I consider to be a everyday lineup or pretty close.

CF Choo

SS Izturis/Cozart

1B Votto

2B Phillips

RF Bruce

3B Frazier

LF Paul/Heisey

C Mesoraco

There are obviously variations, but listed above is yesterday and todays lineup.  It would also obviously be very different with Ryan Ludwick in the lineup. In reality though, aside from maybe some work around the 2 hole (gregs snickering somewhere) I don’t honestly think there is much I would change in it.

Heres what I would like from you, the happy go lucky reader of Head First Slide,  A Lineup.  Everyone including at times myself seems to think that we can do Dusty Bakers job better than he can, so lets put our pen to paper and try.

Oh and also this is the first HFS Contest of the blog.

We’ll take everyones lineups, put them up against one anothers, and hold a vote, whomever gets the most votes will win a Sean Marshall Authenticated Autographed baseball, courtesy of Fun Time Sports.  We will then take the “Winning lineup” and do some analytics on it to see exactly how well it would perform.

I’d tend to bet that in the end most of them aren’t that different.  So post it in the comments below, by 5/1 on 5/1 we’ll open voting and by next Saturday we’ll be giving away that baseball.

Let the Games Begin!


HFS Richard

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