The Half Minute Gifts That Pay The Bills


Reds games are rarely confused with the NFL’s championship game. The action on the field can be just as exciting, but the advertising spots that keep the cameras rolling are no where near the multi-million dollar commercials aired during the Big Game. In fact, unlike the super spots at the end of the football season, the commercials during the Reds game gives you a chance to grab something from the kitchen, use the bathroom or read a chapter in Joel Luckhaupt’s newest guide book for Reds fans rather than glue you to the screen.

Two early favorites have emerged on Fox Sports Ohio that Reds fans out of the market may not have the pleasure of seeing. One is this spot for Muenchen’s Furnature featuring Pete Rose and his wife, Kiana Kim, who apparently can’t agree on ANYTHING for their house.




The other commercial has yet to appear on YouTube, but I’ll be sure to link it up as soon as I see it is available. In the meantime, you can should follow @MANdresonPR on Twitter for information about the Reds and random, cryptic tweets that show his love for the bit of common sense advertising.



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One thought on “The Half Minute Gifts That Pay The Bills

  1. I do not like that commercial, nor the follow-up one for the same furniture store with Rose in bed! I’ll never go to that store just because of those commercials! Ugh!

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