In Defense of Joey Vottos On Base Percentage

In Defense of Joey Votto’s OBP

I keep hearing that Joey Votto isn’t paid to walk.

Joey Votto isn’t paid to hit singles.

Joey Votto is paid to hit Home Runs.

Joey Votto is paid to hit doubles.

Joey it seems is paid to have a high ops, no matter how that comes about.

Joey Votto is doing this extremely well so far this season.

He’s started the season with a .910 OPS, based on a .445 On Base Percentage and a .465 slugging percentage.

Heres where it gets interesting.  From Baseball Reference Joey has been up to bat 50 times FIFTY  with 2 outs thus far this year.  In those 50 times he has walked 8 times and struck out 12.  He’s also been hit by a pitch twice.  Seriously.

With 2 outs he has a .985 OPS and a .325 batting average.  But no matter what you will keep hearing how he needs to not walk, he needs to hit more.  If you take those 10 times he’s gotten on base without the courtesy of a hit (with 2 outs) and give him the benefit of the doubt that instead of getting a hit 3 of those times, he’d get a hit 4 times you still have 6 more times he would end the inning with an out.  6 less chances for the reds to score, 6 more outs given away.

So I know this is a semi stat heavy article, but my main point is this.  Would I like to see Joey hit more home runs?  YUP!

Does On Base Percentage still mean a huge amount toward winning games? YUP!

With that being said, he’s getting on base a little less than half the time!   How can I not be happy about that?  How can I see that as bad?  Watch his At Bats, if 1st base is unoccupied they do what they can to pitch out of the strike zone hoping to god he doesn’t get anything to hit and will just randomly swing.

Sometimes it works out in there favor, but 45% of the time it doesn’t.

That’s good enough for me.


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2 thoughts on “In Defense of Joey Vottos On Base Percentage

  1. There are only 27 outs in a game. Not making an out is a big deal. On base percentage is extremely important. With 2 outs, just keep the inning alive. Swinging at bad pitches is not a solution.

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