A New Reds Fan (Baby Pictures)

My little angel Jules Dianna was born yesterday at 3:45 PM weighing in at 8 lbs 2.8 Ozs and 21 inches long.

We haven’t put her in any of her Reds outfits yet, we don’t want them to get ruined if ya know what I mean.

Lets be honest you’re here for baby pictures. Here they are.


Rambling for one more day

A moment of note

Well this marks what will be my minor hiatus from the blog.  

I will be gone for the next few days (more than likely) as we are having our baby tomorrow afternoon. I’ll toss a picture up when we have them.  

Reds Indians

Today was a loss, but theres always tomorrow and tomorrow should be a good one.  

We’ve got the Batman rolling up for us while they have Scott Kazmir.  While Kazmir has at times looked good this season he has not exactly been the Kazmir that set the league on fire a few years ago.  In his last 3 starts he has a ERA approaching 8.  

This SHOULD be a game the Reds win easily, but thats why you play the game.


I’m sitting here watching the Psych season finale right now and I’m buoyed a little bit by the fact that there is still at least 1 more season of this amazing show.  I’m also happy to hear that USA network is not against a 9th season.  I don’t want to see it happen unless they can continue to keep Maggie Lawson on the show, but I guess we’ll see how CBS “Back In the Game” goes next year.  

Psych the Musical this december! Hell Yes!

Burn Notice

Burn Notice mercifully is entering its final season.  Its a show that at times has been flat out amazing at times and at other times has been flat out crap.  I hope that the finality of this season has helped them to tighten up the story telling and that we will get a finale that gives closure to one of USAs best shows they’ve ever done.

End of the Month

We once again are reaching the end of the month and I’d like to really thank those of you who have taken the time to check the blog, and listen to the podcast.  We are once again looking to have one of our best months in our history.  

You keep checking us out with the blog and podcast and we’ll keep trying to entertain you.


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Searching for Answers and Season 2 Episode 6 With Special Guests @CraigCalcaterra and @3RedsPosititves

Season 2 Episode 6
The show this week is available HERE (Right Click Save as)
Or its available on iTunes, Zune, Xbox market place, blackberry, and Stitcher. Check it out won’t you?
We recorded tonight, it was a helluva episode we had the man the myth the legend Johnny D on. We also discussed “Where do baseballs come from” its relatively not safe work, its quite funny too. Its also disturbing as hell. Whats that you want to see it? Click HERE

Searching for answers

So theres a way we can see searches that are done for the blog, its interesting obviously we cant see who does the searches (quite frankly I wouldn’t want to). Nonetheless some of these are funny and some are normal. I’m going to post some of them here along with answers of what you/they might have been looking for.

reds vs cardinals 2013
I assume they were looking for our series previews, which we will be doing another one of shortly for next weeks series!

d of pnc rick pitino
I have got no damn clue what this is about, honest to god.

autographs during batting practice at gabp
This person obviously wants to know if they can get our autograph during batting practice.
Kidding of course. Really I think they’re trying to figure out about getting player autographs during BP. Your best bet, be a kid, if you’re an adult be patient and be nice. Many players will sign from what I’ve seen but if a player doesn’t sign don’t get upset with them a ticket doesn’t guarantee you a autograph and they are probably busy.

100 things reds fans
This person was obviously looking for this

woo woo side the head
I believe they were looking for a rap song called “Woo Woo Off the head” Its NSFW and not really my style.

the theme of best week ever story
I assume they were looking for the tv show theme for best week ever. Since I cant find that here’s this

Was that a Rick Roll?

Was that really a question?
Nope, but I figured I’d go ahead and save the time.

men at ball games high pitched woo
There were a LOT of questions RE:The Woo. I’ll save you time, if you are looking for anything involving THE WOO please click here

sci fi game helmet
I got nothing, maybe this?

Baby Update
less than 2 days until our baby is here, cannot wait! I can count on one hand the number of things in my lifetime I’ve been more excited for.

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Reds Headhunters, Joey Votto’s Intensity, Players’ Fame and Maple Syrup Money


Reds Headhunters

This has been a somewhat heightened few days for Reds fans.  Over the course of the last two games, against the Cubs and Indians, a few Reds pitchers have had their choice of pitch location questioned in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

For starters, Matt Garza of the Cubs blasted into Reds Ace Johnny Cueto after the game where Cueto threw a pitch over David DeJesus in the 6th inning while the Reds were leading 4-0.  Was the pitch intentional?  Maybe.  After all, Garza lost his cool and plunked Todd Frazier after giving up a home run to Jay Bruce in the third inning.  The Reds are getting pounded at the plate – getting hit-by-pitches enough to rank them fifth in the majors.  Maybe Cueto has had enough of it and decided to let teams know the Reds won’t stand for it anymore?  When Garza suggested that Cueto should “grow the hell up”, perhaps that is exactly what Cueto has done in an effort to protect his team.

The result of this incident has yet to be seen.  The Reds and Cubs play each other again in two weeks at Chicago, where the Cubbies might get some beer muscles at the Wriggly Bar (where they also happen to play baseball games). Garza’s comments are nothing short of confusing when he states “He’s (Cueto) lucky that retaliation isn’t in our vocabulary here” but adds comments like “If he has something to say about it, he knows where to find my locker and definitely I’ll find his” and “If Cueto has any problem, he can throw at me and I’ll definitely return the favor” (which to prove that “retaliation” is CLEARLY in the Cubs’ vocabulary).

So there’s that.  Reds at Cubs June 10th – 13th. It looks like Cueto will pitch on Tuesday, June 11th whereas the Cubs send Garza to the mound on Wednesday.

Then there’s the Chapman saga.  Everyone knows that Chapman has thrown the ball like Ebby Calvin LaLoosh.  I’m confident that Mr. Red and crew have been told to stay away from the Diamond Club seats when Chapman pitches for fear of them catching a ball in the earhole.  So when Chapman flings a ball over Nick Swisher’s head in the ninth inning, I don’t see why it would be a cause for longterm concern between the two teams outside of the fact that the pitch was near Swisher’s head.  Multiple players/coaches on the Indians have said they didn’t like it, but they’ve also commented that they didn’t think Chapman was doing it on purpose, so I don’t expect any fireworks tonight as the Reds try to finish off the Indians. However, if the Reds have the lead late, I AM interested to see if Dusty “RELEASES THE CHAPMAN!” on the Indians again.

Overall, I’m ok with the Reds buzzing opposing hitters.  There are only so many HBPs that Choo can take before the Reds are going to have to look for another leadoff hitter.  Perhaps this is the pitching staff (finally) standing up for their hitters and letting other teams know that hitting a Reds won’t go unpunished.  The Cubs may not have a large enough vocabulary, but I think the Reds do.



Joey Votto’s Intensity

Joey Votto.  The (stupid) debate rages on about what he gets paid to do and what he doesn’t get paid to do.  In my opinion, he gets paid to play baseball, which he does very well and very intensely.  Now, Dusty Baker is saying Joey might be a little too intense after Votto let some words fly in multiple games after striking out that I wouldn’t want in my comment section (because my mom reads this…).  What does this mean for Reds bloggers and Twitter GMs everywhere: a new (pointless) debate! Should Joey be told to tone it down and watch his mouth?

The easy answer for Joey is this: Get better at what you do so you don’t make any outs at all, then you won’t have to spout off curse words.  I’d expect that is Paul Daughtery’s suggestion to the problem though, so I’ll have to go another route.

I will enjoy watching baseball games at home with my daughter and, no, I don’t want to have to explain certain words to her before she (and I) is ready.  However, I won’t blame Joey if he lets them rip.  After all, isn’t it just as much the broadcasting network’s issue?  They are the people who decide to put microphones all over so we get an up-close concert of woos, beer vendors and off-color language.  Yes, I love hearing the crack of the bat and pop of the mitt as much as the next guy, but I don’t think I need to hear when the batter passes gas or, more commonly, expresses his frustrations after striking out.  Asking Joey (or any star player) to change his approach to the game is ludicrous to me.  Let them play and celebrate/be frustrated however they want to best fit their game.  If you have a problem with hearing that aspect, I suggest contacting Fox Sports Ohio, 700 WLW or hitting the mute button quickly.



Using Your Fame For The Powers Of Good

Most of us know that Ryan Ludwick’s nephew has been fighting cancer.  He’s been mentioned a few times by Jim Day and the crew during Reds Live, during interviews with Ludwick and had a hashtag used by baseball fans (not just Reds fans) to show support for his fight. Now his family is holding an auction to raise money and Mrs. Ludwick has been spreading the word via Twitter from her account – @Joanbologna.  Twitter is a fantastic way of spreading information and knowledge and gaining support when you need it and I applaud the Ludwick’s for using this forum and Ryan’s baseball fame to raise awareness/knowledge/money for Cody and his disease.  Check out the items up for auction – everything from baseball items to a round of golf to handbags!



That’ll Be Five Maple Syrups, Please

Finally, it’s been brought to my attention that Canada has issued new currency and many people believe it smells like maple syrup.  I am aware that Canada is the second-ranked country for Head First Slide readers, so I’d like to know if the new features to the currency are true.  Bring the reports, readers from the Great White North!

Feel free to comment about anything I’ve covered in this long novel of a post or make something up completely on your own, as long as it’s clean.  If it’s not clean, feel free to Tweet me at @GeoffreyHoman.  Thanks for reading!

Be good to one another

Over the last few days there have been a lot of headlines.  

Headlines that worry about everything from Plane Menus to whether Joey is living up to his contract based on his RBI’s.  Look don’t get me wrong, seriously I love baseball.  I truly love baseball.  I love it so much that I made a podcast about it.  I loved it so much more that I then helped create a blog for it.  

But I want to be clear, Baseball is not life, life is not baseball.  

Memorial day last year we lost someone, someone dear to my family and someone who we never expected to lose.  She was 58 years young and honestly its still a shock to me.  As we drove away from the cemetary today and a mid afternoon visit I couldnt help but think of what we all go through on a daily basis regarding something as somewhat trivial as baseball.  

We get up in arms, we yell at each other, we debase entire cities and fan bases, and at times we resort to name calling and derogatory speech even at our own players and other fans of our own teams.  


Yes its a game. Yes its ok to get emotionally invested.  For that matter whats the point in watching if you aren’t?  But all in all its not worth getting THAT emotionally invested.  Its not worth ruining relationships, or making someone feel bad because they like a player that you dont.  

Its not worth ripping on other teams fans just because they like a team that isnt yours. 

Its not worth getting into it with another fan of your team because they’re “too positive”.  Trust me we could all use the positivity of our canadian friends.  

Its not worth making a run at a player (or players wife) on twitter.  This one really gets to me.  If this ever enters your mind I’d like you to honestly think to yourself the following questions “Do I work for a living?”  “If I had a bad day at work would a random passer by hop on twitter and start calling me derogatory names?”  “Is what I’m saying going to be helpful to the situation at all?”.  the answer to all at least 2/3 is going to be NO.   

Its just not worth it.  You know what is worth it?  Your family, your friends, and your real life.

So yes, its possible to live and die by a team and still be a normal human being you just have to take whatever bad comes with the good.  

This means not every pitcher will throw a shut out, not every hit will be a home run and not every batter will get on base every time.  When a pitcher gets hit he isn’t doing so because he wants to lose and when a batter strikes out its not usually from a lack of trying.  

The events of these next few days will be at times very trying for mine, and on thursday if all goes well “Glorious”.  That being said, when those events are trying I’ll check in on my Redlegs and see how they are doing.  Hopefully I’ll watch a game of 3 in there, hopefully I’ll have a chance to listen to those I cant watch.   But overall my Redlegs will be great for me because they will be a wanted distraction no matter if they win or lose.