Iron Man 3 Review (A Theater 19 Glimpse)

Well, if you’ve been a long time listener you may know we have a second podcast “Theater 19”. However, we have only done two episodes of it because we havent seen as many movies recently.

That being said last night we saw “Iron Man 3”.
The third installment actually takes Tony in a slightly different direction. The previous two movies having been directed by Jon Favreau who plays Happy Hogan in the movies give way to a movie Directed by Shane Black. Who’s Shane Black you say?
Well he directed a smaller independent film titled “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” which is basically the film that relaunched Downeys career and got him the role in Iron Man. Oh he also wrote a little known 80s film series called Lethal Weapon.

His love for material is evident. the film is a play on the “Extremis” storyline of Iron Man comics and although at times it comes across just a little bit comicbookie for the big screen (I can only think of one time honestly) it works really really well.

Downey is great once again as Stark he really shines in the role that is quickly becoming career defining to the point where you cant even begin to imagine someone else playing it right now.

That being said if this ends up being Downey’s last picture in the role (his contract is reportedly up) he went out not with a whimper but with a bang.


For me in many ways this felt like Spiderman 2. Thats high praise coming from me, as I loved SM2. Greg said he actually felt like it was Superman 2, which again is high praise as many have regarded that as the greatest comic book movie of all time.

Tony spends I’d say from the 45 minute mark of the movie to the last half hour of the movie (give or take) as Tony, not as IronMan. Its like the Studio saw the previous movies and said “whoa whoa whoa we’re paying downey a lot lets get him in front of the camera more and that shell head less”. But the difference between this and Spiderman 2 (or 3) is that even during the points where he is not “Iron Man” there is still a lot of interesting fun stuff happening, whether its being chased by bad guys or bonding with some little kid you actually care whats happening between the points where the puts the helmet on.

Thats what makes this such a win, its a complete movie beginning to end.

Overall 4/4 Stars


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