My Son & I: A Minor Experience

On Tuesday of last week a friend of ours called and asked if we would like His 4 Dayton Dragons tickets for the game that night. Of course I said yes, my renewed love for baseball this season has become somewhat of an addiction. I am now trying to get baseball tickets whenever I can, listening to Reds games on the radio, turning on the Reds game when I can.  It is a wee bit sad really. lol. Anyways… I quickly called and messaged a few friends about going to the game but everyone was either working (lame),  had something else to do (lamer) or just didn’t want to go (WHAT!?). So I decided to take my son, Aaron, even though it was a school night. (Yeah I am a cool dad!)

From the moment we left my son was peppering me with questions. Where are we sitting? Are we there yet? Who are they playing? Are we there yet? Can I get a baseball to get signed? Are we there yet? Can I get candy? Are we there yet?
Finally,we arrived at Fifth Third Field! This being our first time there, we were in awe! This is a nice stadium! Our seats were 15 rows right behind the Dragons dugout so we could see everything perfectly! Everyone we ran into was really nice and helpful. It started out as a great night.

Then the game began…ouch. Dayton got behind quickly, so Aaron began to lose interest but he really wanted a baseball! LOL! So just after the 5th inning we decided to walk around and check out the park. We made our way around and found the Team Shop. My son started freaking out when he saw that one of the players would be signing in the shop after the game. (Yes he is just like his father, I was a bit excited at the thought of an autograph as well!) We purchased a baseball and was told to come back  at the end of the game and Ismael Guillon, who is also on the 40 Man Roster of the Cincinnati Reds, would be signing that night! Well now that we knew that an autograph was coming, neither of us could focus on a game where the team we were rooting for unfortunately was losing! We were counting down the innings! We finally made a break for it in the bottom of the eighth inning! Hah!

We got to the Team Shop and were first in the autograph line! Aaron, ball in hand, was pacing while I was watching the game on the big TV in the Shop. Aaron was dying by this point. Then the last out was made and the game was over. Aaron was overjoyed when into the store, lead by a team employee, came Mr. Guillon! Ismael sat down and said hello to Aaron who was grinning a mile wide. Aaron handed his ball to Mr. Guillon, who signed it right on the sweet spot and gave it back to Him. Aaron was so excited and very careful not to smudge it. We then made our way out of the Shop and headed off to the car. On the way Aaron looked and me and said “Thanks so much for bringing me Dad!”

I want to say thank you to the whole Dayton Dragons organization for making our first game at Fifth Third Field a very memorable Father and Son night! We will be back soon!

-Joe G-

Father & Son   Ismael Guillon


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