Reds vs Braves series Preview

Reds Vs Braves series preview
Whoa what a road trip huh?
What started as a disaster ended as a pretty mediocre 5-5 road trip. Had you asked before the road trip I would have said I hoped for a 7-3/6-4 road trip. 5-5 is not a great road trip but after everything that transpired this road trip you can’t help but be bit happy with it.
They have the braves in town now for a 3 game series that thankfully ends with a Reds off day after the recent 2,000 game stretch without an off day any days off they get are appreciated.
The brsves are currently in the lead in the east and what kills me is this is a team that is underachieving.
Dan Uggla, Jason Heyward and BJ Upton are hitting a combined batting average of around .157. Heyward has been injured so for that matter has McCann the all star catcher. Meanwhile guys like Freddy Freeman and Chris Johnson are playing crazy baseball right now.
The Reds are coming off a 3 game series where they did great things agsinst the cubs. They completed the sweep in convincing fashion scoring 6,6,7 runs. There was some drama in the Friday and Saturday games, but come on we all knew how it was going to end.
The Reds do have an interesting series of pitching matchups. They have Arroyo, Bailey and Leake going while Bailey got roughed up a bit last week that’s still a interesting and hopefully good series of pitchers. They are facing Paul Maholm, Kris Medlen and Mike Minor. All 3 of these guys have a sub 3.5 ERA, This is why this team is winning.
This will be a tough series.
The Braves will take the series if:
1)Our pitchers blowup. This shouldn’t need too much explanation with our 3 pitchers.
2)Our bats fall back asleep. This team must have gotten Jobu the live chicken he needed because good lord did they came to life in Chicago!
3)The Braves offense wakes up, McCanns coming back, and Upton/Uggla have way more talent than they have shown.
The Reds will win the series if:
1)Pitching does what pitching does. If they do what they can this series goes the reds way.
2)The bats stay woken up. Lets just pray to god this happens. Its depressing when the bats go to sleep.
3)Braves pitchers live up to the hype. The braves pitchers have a reputation for being ridiculously good. If they do what they can do this could be a long series.
Final take, Reds 2-1


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