Team Madison Event This Saturday!

Hello all!
This post is not your usually happy go lucky HFS Post.
As a matter of fact this one has nothing to do with baseball, or movies.
I’d like to talk to you today about a cause, a cause that we have talked about before, but is near and dear to so many of us.
Team Madison
Madison is a 5 year old girl whom has been battling cancer. She is also a huge Reds fan.
She has been working on fighting her battle and has recently gone through several treatments in order to try and beat this thing. Madison actually made an appearance at one of our live shows last year and so did David Owens. (who also popped on to the podcast in a guest spot at one point.)
David (@Dowens34) is Madisons uncle and the driver of Team Madison on twitter. It was a tweet today that alerted me to the fact that Team Madison is holding a walk on Saturday morning.
Registration starts at 9am and the walk starts at 10. You can sign up online at or if you cannot make it to the event you can also donate.
One of our very good friends on twitter Mrs vozart had a picture from our event and some nice words to say. I’ll leave you with those.


Here is my picture from the gathering at Funtime Sports last year. This little girl has changed my whole perspective on life and taught me how to live. Its amazing how a girl so young can teach you so much. She’s a champ! But… I am slightly jealous that she got to meet the one and only Joey Votto…. 😉

Stay Strong Baby Girl && Keep Kicking Cancers Ass! BOOM!

< 3

Madison and Shannon


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