Reds Vs Brewers Series Preview

Reds Vs Brewers Series Preview

The above video best describes the Reds season to this point it has been such a roller coaster its not even funny.
With a game by 14 runs? Lose the next two to the same team. Win in amazing comeback fashion? Lose the next day by 5.
At the same time as bad as the Reds season has been roller coaster wise the brewers season has been “Top Thrill Dragster”. Start off slow, win a bunch of games in a row, then go on a massive losing streak.

One of these is gonna have to give! Either we have Cingrani, Latos and Arroyo show why the Reds are considered a World Series contender or we let the brewers hang around a bit longer thinking they belong.
So the question is how we looking?
The Reds have had some hot bats this week with Joey hitting .417 in the last 7 days, LUTZ LUTZ LUTZ is batting .400 in that time frame as well. Choo continues to hit (3HR in the last week!) and heres a couple that will shock you if you haven’t been paying attention Frazier and Cozart are batting .278 and .292 a piece. Those are both respectable.
Pitching wise our beloved redlegs have had a bad week with only Mr Lecure and Marshall and Brox Brox having a decent week.
On the Brew Crew side of things:
Don’t look now but the bats have woken up. Braun, Cargo, Aoki, and Aramis Ramirez are all batting over .400 in the last 7 days. At the same time Rickie Weeks is batting only .125 (!). In the immortal words of the Cutman, Pitching, pitching pitching is doing ok with them for the most part looking pretty similar to the reds in the last week. Do we get Estrada on this series at al? I hope so.
So what gives?
That’s a good question and basically what its going to come down to pitching.
Neither team has pitched exceptional this last time through the rotation whichever has the bounce back will win this series. I feel super good about Cingrani/Latos/Arroyo and you should too these are three guys who have pitched very well overall and can be shut down pitchers.
My prediction Reds sweep.


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