Streaming Consciousness of a Reds fan 5/14/13

I had wanted to get a Fish series preview up today, but sadly could not. I ended up being just too busy with work and baby related appointments.

Some Comments on the Reds
1)Do we really need to preview this series? I think more people will read the words I’m writing right now than will go to the game. That being said Baily, Leake, Cingrani sounds like 3 winners to me. Maybe 2 winners, but lets be honest you have to expect to beat the marlins every time you play them. You may only take 2/3 but you have to go for more.

2)Johnny Cueto had a rehab start tonight, it went well. 0 Runs given up and now the word is he is ready to come back. Who do you send down? its getting tough to make that decision. Leake has been mediocre posting a 4.32 ERA to this point, but like usual showing flashes of brilliance. He’ll go 7 innings of no run baseball then go 3 innings with 3 runs. He has definitely been a work in progress, but he’s only 25.
Cingrani on the other hand has a 2.89 ERA in his starts, but has also had some short starts like Mr Leake including a 4 inning start last time out.
In the end Uncle Walts decision is going to have to come down to who is “hotter” at the time and I think that will in the end go to Cingrani.

3)What do you do when Chris Heisey is healthy? 2 weeks ago this wasnt even a question let alone a tough one. Now you have to really ask. What do you do? Heisey, Paul, Lutz only 2 of them can stay and sending Paul down seems ridiculous because when given the chance he has performed. Sending Lutz down seems ridiculous because he has also performed (really really well) and may be your LF of the future. So what do you do? Can we send Wilson Valdez Down? (kidding of course, I know its not last year) Its not very hard to imagine keeping Lutz as a our every day LF, its hard imagining Paul or Heisey not on the team.

Theater 19 stuff
1)I’m seeing star trek tomorrow, if you happen to be going to the sneak peak at AMC at 8:00 PM let me know and we can say hello!
2)Finally watched a Good Day to Die Hard tonight. While not a terrible movie like most critics would have you believe I was a bit let down. The ending felt just not right for a die hard movie.
what I did like were the nice little call backs to all the stuff from previous movies. mentioning stuff like not liking cowboys is a nice nod back. Same with the death of one of the villains being a call back to the death of hans gruber.
It was nice having the curse words back, honestly that was the only thing I did not like about live free or die hard.

3)I do hope that if they really do another one they spend a little more time on the script, I’d even be cool with the same director.

Thats it for today!

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