Reds Vs Mets Series Preview

This next series should be an interesting one for many reasons.

A Reds team that for the most part has been smoking hot takes on a Mets team whom has definitely not been.
The Mets are 3-7 in their last 10 while the Reds are 7-3 in their last 10.
Whats intriguing? Johnny Cueto re-debuts tomorrow! JOHNNY FRIGGIN CUETO! How will he pitch? How did he do? Does he pitch to the quality that we expect? Is he back to full strength? Will he change his delivery as has been rumored?

Aside from that theres also intrigue by the pitching matchups. The Rotation we are running out for this series has potential for both disaster and for greatness.

The Matchups are as follows:
Cueto Vs Shaun Marcum
Cueto could be incredible, but all he needs to do tomorrow is be mediocre. If he is mediocre the Reds offense should pound Marcum. Marcum is having a bad year, hes running a 0-4 Record with a 6.75 ERA. Now knowing this Reds team he will probably shut them out for 6 1/3 innings haha. No really, this should be a glorified batting practice for this team, even when Marcum was a well regarded pitcher the Reds would still often find a way against him, hes got a 1-1 Record with a 3.42 ERA against the Reds. Know who hits him hard? Joey Votto. The dude is hitting .556 against Marcum. I expect that to continue.

Leake Vs Jon Niese
Leake is coming off one of his best outtings of the season and to that point he relowered his ERA to below 4. He has a good chance to continue that this week and to gain another win. Mr Niese has been awfully nice to the Reds (haha see what I did there!) and I haven no reason to think this will not continue. Hes got a 3-4 record with a 5.40 ERA this year, but overall he is 1-2 against the Reds with a 5.61 ERA. Brandon Phillips and his .385 BA are licking their chops seeing him on the schedule.

Latos Vs Matt Harvey
Its the battle of the correct way to spell Mat(t)! who is right? shall evil triumph? I say nay nay!!
Mr Latos has a 2.91 ERA, but everything about his season has screamed ACE! He’s had a rough outting a couple of games back but overall has been nails. He’s also been nails against the Mets 2-1 with a 2.70 ERA. Frankly I think Mr Latos rises to the occasion against the incredible Mr Harvey. The man with the misspelled first name has been lights out against the league with a 1.55 ERA and in his one time against the Reds he won, because of course he did. Still I’m going to say Latos gets the win.

Overall this should be a helluva series from an intrigue perspective. I am very hopeful for the outcome and while I wont got out on the sweep limb again (still counting my blessings from calling those two last week!) I will say the Reds should win this series 2-1.

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