Rambling at midnight

Well I’ll admit we havent had quite a much content as I would have liked over the last few weeks, to be honest its my fault. I’ve been super busy between work and doctors appointments and today I’d like to change that. As much as I can until the baby comes (then a minor break, followed by some late night blogging) I will try to post something here every day.

the Reds won game one in New York there was some drama involved. Johnny Cueto came back and threw 5 innings which other than a rough 3rd inning went very well. The Mets seemed to have issues with every call made by either the home plate or the 1B umpires. This came to a head when Latroy Hawkins and Terry Collins were ejected following the 6th inning.

The one thing that does astound me is that usually when a manager gets ejected it fires up the team. It seemed to instead just convince the Mets even more to argue and glare at umpires. At this rate I think that The Mets bench will literally just stare at the umpires all of tomorrows game.

Why did no one tell me that R Lee Emery was in “The Watch”? The rest of the movie has been mediocre to at times hammy as Vince Vaughn is doing his overacting best here, but R Lee Emery makes anything watchable if even for just a moment.

We’re at a maximum of t-10 days until the baby comes. I am so excited I just cannot wait.


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