Midnight Rambling about The Redlegs 5/22/13

I started watching Arrested Development tonight and have found it really really funny. I feel bad that I have never watched this before. I should have watched it from the beginning or really at any point in the last decade and I caught it here and there since then, but today finally started from square one. Really funny stuff.

Todays Reds game was interesting. The Reds won and thats all that matters. They won in convincing fashion.
Mike Leake was incredible having thrown 7 innings of no run baseball and only 3 hits. 3 FRIGGIN HITS! Leake gets a lot of crap from Reds fans, he was a rookie “Phenom” never having played in the minors (he has now) before getting a spot in the rotation. He has really pitched well this year lowering his ERA to 3.25 and he finally seems to have it together.

I want to make this really really clear. The 5th pitcher in the Rotation has a 3.25 ERA. He doesnt have the pitch speed to be a #1 starter, but then again Bronson Arroyo shouldn’t be a top couple starter and until last year he was regularly one of the top 2 pitchers on the staff*. Mike Leake has the ability, he’ll never blow away guys with a 100 MPH fastball or even a 93 MPH fastball, but neither will RA Dickey and he’s not exactly a bad pitcher.

So next time Leake gives up a run and you’re friends are like “Why’d we bring this guy back up, we should have kept Cingrani, or Volquez or Ramon Ortiz”. Help them to see the potential of a pitcher who is just starting his 4th year in the league at the age of 25 and is already running a low 3’s ERA.

The game today should be ridiculous. Harvey V Latos in a helluva pitching matchup that could be for the ages. Mat v Matt over under on # of K’s? I’m going with 18 overall. What are your thoughts?

*(For more on that have you read The 2013 Redleg Annual put together by Joel Luckhaupt and friends? http://www.redlegannual.com/ it has a great article in appreciation of Bronson Arroyo….shameless plug as it has a few Special Edition Podcasts by Head First Slide!)

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