Midnight Ramblings about the Reds and The Hangover

The Reds were off today, it was an incredible road trip.  8-2 on a Road trip with only two losses to the Phillies and two competitive losses at that.  

Today while no games were played was still a Reds themed day for me. We had a great doctors appointment in preparation for the baby and afterwards headed up to Sports Gallery for the Latos and Hanigan signing.  

I didnt get Hanigan, but did have a chance to get Latos.  I had two reasons for going 1) I wanted a chance to meet Mat Latos 2) I wanted 2 autographs.  

I wanted one for a gift and one for my daughter.  Its my ultimate goal to get a ball signed by the starters from the day my daughter is born….which should be next week…or this week…..

The day started with a viewing of The Hangover Part III. 

This is the first movie that I saw that I really dont want to write a long raving write up on.  I think that says more than anything else I can say.  Hangover was a great original movie.  It was funny, it was out there and came from a place that no one really expected.   

Hangover II was a tired rehash that while it had some funny parts and some good gags relied two heavily on recycled plotline, jokes and pure shock value.  It also relied too much on Ken Jeongg.  I love Dr Ken AKA Leslie Chow.  I do.  He’s funny, he’s usually very good in any role he’s in and that includes community which is probably my favorite show on TV.  

He was overused in Hangover II,  I hoped that he would be toned down in Hangover III.  That hope was dashed.  Dashed within a matter of minutes.   

There is good here, its funny at times, and thank god it doesn’t reuse the same tried and true they got drunk and have to solve a mystery.  However while it definitely does have its funny parts (and during the credits is one so dont leave early) its just not what I was hoping for in a series closer.  

Overall 3/5 Stars


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