Lunchtime Ramblings (In Defense of Joey Votto Part II)


I did not post a Cubs Series Preview, its still new to me doing all this and it honestly just slipped my minds.  After thinking about it and talking it over with Greg yesterday I will still say that a sweep is the expectation. 

The Cubs are just not a good team right now.  They have a good, young nucleus and may be in the future but are not right now. 

Yesterday was a continuation of why its been said many times this year “Redlegs Never Say Die” They were down early and came back and won with conviction.  They had homers from Phillips, Votto and Hanigan.  (Hanigan has been coming on very strong since he came back from his injury hasn’t he?) Overall they had a great game that was fun to watch and served as a reminder that this team is NEVER EVVVEERRRR out of it. 

Joey Votto

The baseball world seems to have over the last week realized that Joey Votto is playing baseball this year.  Everyone seems to have something to say about it.

Jerry Crasnik of ESPN wrote a fantastic article about it. Others have chimed in too including Paul Daugherty a few times. I wont link to his articles because quite frankly while I used to really like Doc these seem like drivel.

Understand I don’t pretend we write Shakespeare here or even the blogger equivalent of it. He’s I’m sure a better write than I am, but he also either has a grudge against Votto or is trying to juice up his page views…….(Wait we can juice page views by writing drivel……NEW BUSINESS MODEL!)

Heres what I have to say about this.
That’s a link to Joey’s Splits for 2013. In case you don’t like reading links or are too lazy (Looking at you HFS GREG) heres the important one for me.

April 28 132 103 17 30 3 1 4 11 26 29 0.291 0.439 0.456 0.896 47
May 20 93 77 23 35 7 0 4 12 15 11 0.455 0.548 0.701 1.25 54

I edited this so it would fit nicely and only include “relevant stats”. Heres my point:
May is not too far from complete, but the Reds have played to this point 8 less games in May than they did in April. Joey has 1 More RBI, the same number of HR’s, 4 more Doubles 7 more total bases and A .455 Batting average. Let me repeat that A .455 BATTING AVERAGE.
Hey may be the first person in the history of baseball to win a National League Player of the Month award who is getting ripped by his hometown paper.
Oh Yeah he also has a 1.25 OPS for the month.

The ridiculousness of ripping on a player who is on pace for a historic month is apparent to all I think but I felt the need to defend the man in the Red hat.


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