Be good to one another

Over the last few days there have been a lot of headlines.  

Headlines that worry about everything from Plane Menus to whether Joey is living up to his contract based on his RBI’s.  Look don’t get me wrong, seriously I love baseball.  I truly love baseball.  I love it so much that I made a podcast about it.  I loved it so much more that I then helped create a blog for it.  

But I want to be clear, Baseball is not life, life is not baseball.  

Memorial day last year we lost someone, someone dear to my family and someone who we never expected to lose.  She was 58 years young and honestly its still a shock to me.  As we drove away from the cemetary today and a mid afternoon visit I couldnt help but think of what we all go through on a daily basis regarding something as somewhat trivial as baseball.  

We get up in arms, we yell at each other, we debase entire cities and fan bases, and at times we resort to name calling and derogatory speech even at our own players and other fans of our own teams.  


Yes its a game. Yes its ok to get emotionally invested.  For that matter whats the point in watching if you aren’t?  But all in all its not worth getting THAT emotionally invested.  Its not worth ruining relationships, or making someone feel bad because they like a player that you dont.  

Its not worth ripping on other teams fans just because they like a team that isnt yours. 

Its not worth getting into it with another fan of your team because they’re “too positive”.  Trust me we could all use the positivity of our canadian friends.  

Its not worth making a run at a player (or players wife) on twitter.  This one really gets to me.  If this ever enters your mind I’d like you to honestly think to yourself the following questions “Do I work for a living?”  “If I had a bad day at work would a random passer by hop on twitter and start calling me derogatory names?”  “Is what I’m saying going to be helpful to the situation at all?”.  the answer to all at least 2/3 is going to be NO.   

Its just not worth it.  You know what is worth it?  Your family, your friends, and your real life.

So yes, its possible to live and die by a team and still be a normal human being you just have to take whatever bad comes with the good.  

This means not every pitcher will throw a shut out, not every hit will be a home run and not every batter will get on base every time.  When a pitcher gets hit he isn’t doing so because he wants to lose and when a batter strikes out its not usually from a lack of trying.  

The events of these next few days will be at times very trying for mine, and on thursday if all goes well “Glorious”.  That being said, when those events are trying I’ll check in on my Redlegs and see how they are doing.  Hopefully I’ll watch a game of 3 in there, hopefully I’ll have a chance to listen to those I cant watch.   But overall my Redlegs will be great for me because they will be a wanted distraction no matter if they win or lose.   


One thought on “Be good to one another

  1. Only thing I could say to this is…Amen. Makes me think back to the movie Fever Pitch, the scene where the lead guys are in the bar moping about a Red Sox loss and they see the players eating drinking and laughing. This really is just a game and there is so much more to life that just this game. I do understand emotional ties, but when it comes at the expense of those around you online and offline…there comes a point when you have to remember once again…It. Is. A. Game. Thanks for this post!

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