Rambling for one more day

A moment of note

Well this marks what will be my minor hiatus from the blog.  

I will be gone for the next few days (more than likely) as we are having our baby tomorrow afternoon. I’ll toss a picture up when we have them.  

Reds Indians

Today was a loss, but theres always tomorrow and tomorrow should be a good one.  

We’ve got the Batman rolling up for us while they have Scott Kazmir.  While Kazmir has at times looked good this season he has not exactly been the Kazmir that set the league on fire a few years ago.  In his last 3 starts he has a ERA approaching 8.  

This SHOULD be a game the Reds win easily, but thats why you play the game.


I’m sitting here watching the Psych season finale right now and I’m buoyed a little bit by the fact that there is still at least 1 more season of this amazing show.  I’m also happy to hear that USA network is not against a 9th season.  I don’t want to see it happen unless they can continue to keep Maggie Lawson on the show, but I guess we’ll see how CBS “Back In the Game” goes next year.  

Psych the Musical this december! Hell Yes!

Burn Notice

Burn Notice mercifully is entering its final season.  Its a show that at times has been flat out amazing at times and at other times has been flat out crap.  I hope that the finality of this season has helped them to tighten up the story telling and that we will get a finale that gives closure to one of USAs best shows they’ve ever done.

End of the Month

We once again are reaching the end of the month and I’d like to really thank those of you who have taken the time to check the blog, and listen to the podcast.  We are once again looking to have one of our best months in our history.  

You keep checking us out with the blog and podcast and we’ll keep trying to entertain you.


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