Searching for Answers and Season 2 Episode 6 With Special Guests @CraigCalcaterra and @3RedsPosititves

Season 2 Episode 6
The show this week is available HERE (Right Click Save as)
Or its available on iTunes, Zune, Xbox market place, blackberry, and Stitcher. Check it out won’t you?
We recorded tonight, it was a helluva episode we had the man the myth the legend Johnny D on. We also discussed “Where do baseballs come from” its relatively not safe work, its quite funny too. Its also disturbing as hell. Whats that you want to see it? Click HERE

Searching for answers

So theres a way we can see searches that are done for the blog, its interesting obviously we cant see who does the searches (quite frankly I wouldn’t want to). Nonetheless some of these are funny and some are normal. I’m going to post some of them here along with answers of what you/they might have been looking for.

reds vs cardinals 2013
I assume they were looking for our series previews, which we will be doing another one of shortly for next weeks series!

d of pnc rick pitino
I have got no damn clue what this is about, honest to god.

autographs during batting practice at gabp
This person obviously wants to know if they can get our autograph during batting practice.
Kidding of course. Really I think they’re trying to figure out about getting player autographs during BP. Your best bet, be a kid, if you’re an adult be patient and be nice. Many players will sign from what I’ve seen but if a player doesn’t sign don’t get upset with them a ticket doesn’t guarantee you a autograph and they are probably busy.

100 things reds fans
This person was obviously looking for this

woo woo side the head
I believe they were looking for a rap song called “Woo Woo Off the head” Its NSFW and not really my style.

the theme of best week ever story
I assume they were looking for the tv show theme for best week ever. Since I cant find that here’s this

Was that a Rick Roll?

Was that really a question?
Nope, but I figured I’d go ahead and save the time.

men at ball games high pitched woo
There were a LOT of questions RE:The Woo. I’ll save you time, if you are looking for anything involving THE WOO please click here

sci fi game helmet
I got nothing, maybe this?

Baby Update
less than 2 days until our baby is here, cannot wait! I can count on one hand the number of things in my lifetime I’ve been more excited for.

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