Pitt Series

It struck me while thinking about this, what does this series mean?
These two teams that have records so similar have been kicking ass and chewing bubblegum all may long, so does this series mean something special?

Yes and no.
For the Reds it does not, for the Pirates it does. Pure and simple.
The Reds are reigning NL Central champs, and for that matter no hit the pirates in a late season game to help cement their 271st straight losing season.
The Pirates well they are on their 436th straight losing season. this being the biggest pirate collapse in modern history. On top of that there’s Baileys nono hanging overhead.

The Reds if they win this series are doing only what’s expected. The pirates by winning this series are making a statement.

Do you know who we are? We’re the pirates version of the cardinals. Much like what the Cards did to the Reds until the Reds were really ready to step up we should dominate them this weekend.

Reds 2-1


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