3 am Ramble on beanballs and super trolls

First off I know there has been a lot of baby talk on here recently. I promise you this will not become a baby centered blog. It will continue to be Reds/Baseball etc. but I will check in with what is happening in my life (as will other contributors) and that means you might read baby related things.

Restless Red Stockings
2-1 against a very very good team is nothing to be ashamed of! But good lord did that one sting! Ahead all the way until the 8th to be defeated that way is just a disappointing result!

That being said you cant help but look at the overall weekend as a success. The team went into hostile territory down a game on Pittsburgh and left tied with them. Last time I checked anytime you gain ground on those ahead of you it is a good thing.

This will probably be the topic of a further blog post and most assuredly on the next edition of the podcast (tentatively scheduled for this week). The Reds have been getting hit by a lot of pitches. A LOT.
So checking Baseball Reference it shows that the Reds have been hit 29(!) times this year WOW! They’ve hit 17 batters as well.

Choo of course leads with 15 times hit, Frazier and Phillips are next up with 5 each then Votto with 3 and Hanigan with 1. Now Phillips is injured based on getting hit during saturdays win in Pittsburgh. There was of course a lot of questions as to whether the Reds should retaliate and coincidentally in the first inning today a batter for the Pirates got hit.
Heres what gets me after he was hit both benches were warned. BOTH BENCHES WERE WARNED. So why when a Reds batter was then hit by a reliever was he not then tossed? Why then when we hit a batter in the later innings was our pitcher (simon?) not tossed? Thom opined on the air that the “Slider” got away from him. Lets use that as an excuse for any future beans ok? Make sure they are sliders and that they look just out of control enough that we get away with them.

Stayed up really late tonight and you’d never guess why. Apparently little miss julie thinks that about 3 AM every day is time to “Rock and Roll” instead of time to sleep. Well tonights 3 AM viewing consisted of Superman 3. Good god was this a bad movie. That being said there are parts of it that are really, really funny. I don’t know if its by design or just by being a sarcastic/at times jaded person at this point in life.

Theres a whole series/subplot to the movie where Superman basically goes Emo and starts trolling everybody this part is one of the funniest damn things I’ve ever seen in a super hero movie.

What kills me with this movie though is just how strange it gets at points. I mean seriously the “Emo” superman at one point has a white light shoot through his body (out of nowhere after a day of heavy drinking) and splits into two and fights a version of clark kent. Yes all of this happens, theres more too involving a living computer and Richard Pryor. On top of everything else Lois is in the movie for all of about 3 minutes.
The whole thing is really strange overall and in many ways best forgotten, what is funny though is as someone who had forgotten much of the movie I enjoyed watching it through one more time….which I will probably never do again.

Thats all for today folks
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