Reds Vs Rockies (and Bullwinkles) Series Preview (With New Format)

I loved Rocky and Bullwinkle as a kid and I dont know why I’ve never made the connection before with Moose and Squirrel. I know my Canadian friends just lit up reading the headline alone.

Who we got
The Rockies are not exactly a team that strikes fear in the heart of the average fan. That doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t. Colorado is 30-27 in this young season and in 2nd place in the NL West. They have a starting line up that consists of some real boppers and some used to be boppers.
Tulo, Cargo, Fowler, and Cuddyer all have 10 plus home runs. Todd Helton is having a pretty down year, but always a threat.

How about the matchups?


Arroyo Vs Chatwood

Not too strong of an outting for Mr Arroyo the last time out, however he almost never has two bad outtings in a row. I expect fully 6 2/3 innings of 2 run or less baseball. Chatwood on the other hand is 3-0 in 5 starts with a 2.12 ERA. I will honestly say he is due, due to get hit! He’s been a phenom to this point, but at some point all phenoms come down to earth and todays that day.


Bailey Vs Nicasio

Bailey also had a pretty not so great outting this past week 3.2 innings and 7 ER. That was a rare glimpse at old homer. Not the BATMAN we’ve all been used to. Homer has this, Against a guy like Nicasio who owns a 4.79 ERA on the year Bailey should return to form and go long enough that the Reds should be able to put up enough of a cushion on Nicasio to win the game.

Cueto Vs Garland

Johnny is ready, he’s ready to mow down opposing batters and he showed that on friday night. He’s back to a form that as opposing batters you FEAR everytime you see him. I dont give a damn who Jon Garland was or is if Johnny Cueto pitches like Johnny Cueto can this team will win on Wednesday. Which btw is Mat Latos Bobble Head Day! (Its also Richard Gets a new Couch Day….So Excpect Greg to come over and record on thursday)

Who’s hot for us?

Month of May we’ve had quite a few guys hit very very well.

Joey Votto ended may with a .388 BA, Did you know that was second for may?  Derek Robinson ended with a .408!

Phillips, Bruce, Paul, Cozy all ended the month above where you would expect them to.  Phillips hit .301, Bruce .290, Paul .283 and Cozy .278.

Real shock numbers come from Homers, which were lead by Bruce with 7, But for all the talk that Votto wasn’t hitting for power he was tied for second with 6 (tied with Choo)

As much as you can make a big deal of Vottos batting average and obp did you know that his 65 total bases were actually tied with Bruce?!?!?

Other things to watch

How do the beanballs go?  Do they get hit again?  Do they respond?  This is going to be an interesting series as there shouldn’t be any bad blood between the Rockies and Reds.

Bo Jackson uses five hour energy.   That is all.

Ok smart alec whats your verdict then?

Reds win the series Bailey and Cueto get Wins and Arroyo and goes long with Chatwood. I’m a homer, I’ll admit it, and this is a good team. I’M STILL CALLING A SWEEP.


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