Tonight begins the 2013 MLB First Year Player Draft.  What’s that mean?  That means that the big draft-head fans will be tuned in to MLB Network tonight as the teams go through two rounds of picks and tomorrow as they go through seven more (MLB.com only) and then again on Saturday as they finish up the final THIRTY ROUNDS (MLB.com only).  Yep, fourty rounds of high school and college names you’ve probably never heard of (and most likely won’t hear again for at least a few years).  The best bet to get your wife/girlfriend/mother to tune in: Let her think that Brad Pitt really IS in charge of a baseball team and just might be shown on television…




This year, the first five in the draft order are the Houston Astros, Chicago Cubs, Colorado Rockies, Minnesota Twins and Cleveland Indians.  The Reds don’t pick until 27th, just after the NY Yankees and just before the St Louis Cardinals.  While there doesn’t seem to be a Bryce Harper or Stephen Strassburg in this draft, the most recognized name on the board (Mark Appel and Jonathon Gray – who should go 1-2 to the Astros and Cubs) will surely be gone by the time the Reds hit the podium.

I’m a fan of when major league clubs draft college pitchers early.  They are bigger, stronger, older and more signable than their high school counterparts because high schoolers can reject their drafting team and head to college.  Plus, pitchers are ALWAYS a need on any team and having a good stable of pitchers coming up through the minors has yet to be called a “negative”.  However, drafting outfielders would be my second highest priority and behind Mesoraco and Hanigan, the Reds are very thin at the catching position.

This being said, my first round draft hopefuls for the Reds include (in some order): high school senior catcher Nick Ciuffo, LSU junior RHP Ryan Eades, Jacksonville junior RHP Chris Anderson, Stanford senior outfielder Austin Wilson or Samford junior outfielder Phillip Ervin. Fresno State junior outfielder Aaron Judge could be another name I’d like to hear, mostly because I think Reds fans would have a fun time with a player named “The Judge” if/when he makes it to Great American Ballpark.

For the record, other – more realistic – mock drafts have the Reds taking Phillip Ervin, Aaron Judge or Hunter Harvey (high school RHP) with the 27th pick.





The Cincinnati area has a few players to watch over the weekend, most of them on the radar for Saturday’s mid-to-late rounds.  These include a couple of Mason Comet pitchers, T.J. Zeuch (Pitt) and Andrew McDonald (VaTech) along with Maderia outfielder Andrew Benintendi (Arkansas).  Hamilton native Richard St John is one to watch along with Miami U products Matt Honchel and Brooks Fiala and Bearcat Justin Glass. Spoiler Alert: One of these mentioned players “doesn’t exist” when it comes to being drafed this weekend.

The Draft begins tonight (Thursday, June 6th) at 7pm and can be watched live on the MLB Network or followed via MLB.com and various twitter accounts.





Because potentially saving a life isn’t always enough to get people to donate blood during a blood drive, Jamie Ramsey of Better Of Red fame has reminded us that you can donate blood at the Milford Quaker Steak and Lube on Sunday in honor of Reds employee Chris Herrell.  All those who donate will be given a $10 gift certificate to QS&L, plus you get the peace of mind from helping save lives. Afterall, you never know when it’ll be YOU or YOUR FAMILY that is in need of donations.



Follow Jamie Ramsey and Better Off Red for updates and similar events!





Thanks for reading!  As always, feel free to leave a comment about your favorite potential draftee or about how incorrect my thoughts are, just keep it clean!  I can be found here or on Twitter as @GeoffreyHoman.  Thanks!


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