2013 Reds First Year Player Draft Review

The 1st couple rounds of the 2013 MLB First Year Player Draft was last night and as a card collector / autograph hound all I could think about was:

1) Who are the Reds picking?

2) Do they have any cards yet?

3) Wonder what their autographs look like?

So…I followed along on Twitter and waiting on the edge of my…well…desk chair to hear the names of the newest Reds! It seemed like it took forever to get all the way to pick number 27. Tick Tock. Come on people! Lets get to the REDS! Finally they got to the Reds and with the 27th pick they took… Samford junior outfielder Phillip Ervin! Woot! Then I make the mad dash to eBay…typed in Phillip Ervin…There is 2 autographed baseballs for sale. But most important, his signature looks pretty cool! He has some nice readable letters in there, you can see the “P”s in his first name. Would like to see the “E” in his last name a bit better but there is some cool loops in the rest of his name. Overall a nice signature. Would give it a B.

Phillip Ervin

Now we wait for the next pick….not too long though. 38th overall. Then I see the Tweet…With the 38th pick they took RHP Michael Lorenzen from Cal State-Fullerton! Once again I make the mad dash to eBay…typed in Michael Lorenzen…There is a LOAD of cards and stuff for sale, and his signature looks AWESOME!! He has ALOT of  readable letters in his auto you can see some of the letters in his first name and the important “L” and “Z” in his last. His signature has 4 very cool loops in his name. Overall an Excellent signature. Would give it an A.


I thought we were done for the night, I am used to NFL drafts were teams might have 2 picks the first night. But then I see the Reds have the  67th overall. So I wait once again. Soon, I see the Tweet…With the 67th pick they took 3B Kevin Franklin from Gahr High School in California! Once again I make the mad dash to eBay…typed in Kevin Franklin…There is a LOAD of stuff for sale (his name is pretty common, DOH!). So after some tweeking and narrowing down I find 1 card of his and it is autographed! His signature looks…well….kinda simple. He has 2 letters in his auto. Yep…only 2. Just a simple KF. His signature leaves something to be desired but he is still a high school guy. He has lots of time to work on it and make it into a nicer autograph if he chooses to. Overall a simple signature. Would give it an C.

Kevin Franklin

Well there you have it my review of the 1st 2 rounds of the 2013 MLB First Year Player Draft. While I have not covered what sorts of talents these guys have (leaving that to the other bloggers who know more about that stuff) I have gotten right to the heart of the Autograph issue!! 🙂

I welcome any comments or questions either here on the blog or you can hit me up on Twitter @garpike28

Thanks and I hope you have a great day!

Autograph Joe


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