#RedsSocial….formerly known as #RedsTweetup


(Me and @JennyKemme)

June 8, 2013….. Reds vs. Cardinals…Mat Latos on the mound and #RedsSocial people take over GABP!

This is was the 1st #RedsSocial night of the season…. yes, there was a #RedsTweetup to celebrate Joey Votto winning the #FaceOfMLB on May 10th….but last night was the 1st all encompassing Social Media night— the call went out to Facebook, Google+ (yes, people use that apparently), Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter users.

Now I’ve been to 3 or 4 of these tweetups/social media nights. They are always well attended and are well-run by Reds Director of Digital Media, Lisa Braun. Its always a good time to place a actual name to a face… or in my case, being called “Drywall” all night. LOL The Reds twitter community is fairly close knit and very active. I’ve made really great friends through my interaction with other Reds’ fans.

I was curious, however, if expanding the night to other social media platforms would make a difference in the vibe of the event. And I have to say, for me it did. Not in a totally negative way…but the attendance of Twitter users/regulars did not appear to be the same— far fewer than usual. It could be because the tickets sold out soooooo quickly (yeah Lisa!!), that many of us regulars were not able to buy actual #RedsSocial tickets– did not have seats in the area and didn’t get a shirt.

But I think its how the other platforms don’t have a community feel/vibe like Twitter does. I hardly use Facebook and I haven’t used Google+ in over a year, but I don’t see the interaction of users/fans like I do on Twitter. On Facebook/Google+/Instagram/Pinterest— you basically just follow or like the Reds’ team…. Twitter, you follow and you interact with the Team/Players/Fans. Last night, there just wasn’t the interaction among attendees that I am accustom to— which I think is the point of these events and why I enjoy them so much. I still had fun with my twitter friends….. just didn’t meet anyone outside of the Twitterverse.

Maybe I’m wrong……and its just that I don’t use the other social  media outlets for my Reds fix.  Maybe I’m a Reds Twitter snob. And maybe if it continues as a #RedsSocial vs #RedsTweetup, I will get to meet some of the non-tweeters…..Maybe.



(Me, @JeffAtFSOhio, @ennyWithAG and her hubby Glenn)


(Where my name tag ended up!)


(Six person selfie!! @Porky_Miller, @JennyKemme, @MsKristineLee, @ennyWithAG, and @dishelly08 and me).


(Me and @JeffAtFSOhio being fierce!!)


(@JamieBlog, @RedReporter and @linsey_g hanging behind Sec 111/112)


(Porky_Miller and @JennyKemme)


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