Jay Allen Bruce…

… is absolutely tearing the cover off the ball.

In his last 10 games, Bruce has hit 8 HR. Now, I love that stat, but it also makes me a little upset. Why you ask? Well, 8 HR’s is great and all. But when 7 of them are solo shots, that concerns me. Obviously Bruce can’t help who is on base when he comes up to bat. But shouldn’t our coaching staff be a little concerned that our 5-hole hitter is coming to the dish with no one on base? This leads to the main points in this post:

Choo on this..

Obviously Shin-Soo Choo is 10 trillions times better than Drew Stubbs, but we need the April Choo back. I know it’s unlikely we’ll see him bat around .337 for the rest of the season, but he’s almost a full 100 points lower in June at .238. His OPS has dropped from 1.031 to .721 (On-base percentage + Slugging). Again, I’m not asking for him to return to full April form, but at least meet us halfway.


As usual, the Reds aren’t getting a great amount of production from the second batter in the line up. Whether its Cozart or Robinson, we need them to produce more. When you’re batting before Joey Votto, you have no excuse as to why you shouldn’t be hitting better than a combined .254 average, with and on-base percentage of .289. I think it’s about time Mr. Cozart step up and start producing for this team. I’m not saying he’s not carrying his weight, but I do think he has a little more in him. He needs better plate discipline. As in, when Choo gets a 4-5 pitch walk right before you, don’t go up trying to hit the first pitch you see. Make the opposing pitcher show you he can throw a strike. That is one of my biggest pet peeves in baseball. Not placing all the blame on Cozart, but I do think Dusty needs to figure what role he wants Cozart to have and stick with it.


Is Ryan Ludwick ready yet? Is a collarbone injury really that important to wait for to heal? (SARCASM). We need him back. Our LF’s aren’t doing a bad job at all really. They’re just not Ryan. He was our right-handed moon-blaster. A lot of speculation around the Reds on if they’ll make a play for a RH bat by the trade deadline. Honestly, I think we’ll be fine until Luddy gets back. Our LF production, or lack there of, isn’t why we’re losing. I think a quality relief pitcher is our biggest need at this point. I think most of you will agree with that.

I read an article sating that Giancarlo Stanton from the Marlins is a possibility for the Reds to make a play on. Now, we would basically have to give up our whole farm system for him. But he can you imagine this lineup;

Choo.. Phillips.. Votto.. Stanton.. Bruce..

We would basically have to give up Hamilton, Cingrani and a couple big minor league guys. So, don’t hold your breath on the thought.

I’m going to leave with something to get you excited. Because well, this weekend didn’t get you much to go off of. I could watch this video 347569320870 times and it would never get old.


– @ItsARedsThing


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