Tan Rested & Ready A’s Series Preivew


No this isn’t the post where I beg the Reds to bring back former Hamilton Baseball god Mark Lewis.  That’ll come later in the season.

This is where we look at the effects of a team off day on the team.  So my question is do the bat wake up after an off day?  Does the pitching tighten up?  Do we win more than we lose?  Lets go one by one.

April 12 following an off day the Reds faced the Pirates and lost 6-5.

May 9 was the next off day and they went on to face Milwaukee and win 4-3 on the 10th.

May 14th following an off day the Reds beat the Marlins 6-2.

May 24th the well rested Reds faced off against the Cubbies and won 7-4.

June 7th the team must have been up all night partying on their off day because they lost 9-2.

This brings us here to the next off day June 24th.

The Reds have stiff competition tomorrow with the A’s and are going into the game 3-2 in off off-day battles.   Will they improve to 4-2?   Will they fall to 3-3?


The Pitching matchup has the ability to be interesting.  Arroyo who has been lights out like most of our starters have versus Tommy Millone.  Aside from the fact that kid has a name that sounds like he should be part of Frank Costello’s crew in the Departed he carries a 3.98 ERA and has never faced the Reds.  Aside from that the only Reds hitter he has any experience against is Choo whom owns a .200 batting average in 5 PA’s against him.

Arroyo has faced the A’s as an organization to the tune of  3-1 3.96 ERA  but has not faced much of this current team.  The only guys with significant At Bats against him are Chris Young and Seth Snith (.190 and .308 respectively).

Knowing all that I’ll say this favors the Reds.  Tommy will be coming in off a 6 Run performance and will be looking to bounce back.  The Reds potent line up is not the one to do that against.

Prediction Reds 6 A’s 3

The second of the two game series pits Homer Bailey against A.J. Griffin

AJ is winless in his last five starts and for that matter I’ve never heard of him.  For someone in a 14 team fantasy baseball league to have never heard of a pitcher does not bode well for that pitcher.  He’s never faced the Reds or any Reds hitters.

Homer on the other hand after a rough outing against the pirates where he admitted to not having control of 3/4 pitches is looking to get back into batman form.

Prediction Reds 5 A’s 2

Lingering Questions

Can Jay Bruce stay on his tear?   The dude is hitting the hell out of the ball, and he’s got offers to life coach from all around the world, will we lose him to a world leader?   I suspect he’ll life coach for Tom Cruise next.

Is it really a slump if you have 2 bad games in a row?   Ask Joey Votto.


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