Knock The Dust(y) Off It

Since I’m the new guy on the block around here I wanted to give those of you who don’t know much about me a little background about myself. I used to write a blog by the name of Big Red Redemption. If you never took the time to visit the blog while I still had it up, well, shame on you! Just kidding it was only up for about a year so I’m sure not many of you even knew about it. My blog was based around my love for the Reds. I tried to be the positive spin on everything in a logical manner to try and offset some the overload of craziness this fan base can put into the atmosphere. Overall, I feel it was successful while up but unfortunately I ran out of the time and means to keep the site around.

I’m not a #FarrDusty guy nor am I going to tell you he’s the answer to all our troubles. But lately I’ve really been having some trouble with our fearless leader. I know he’s been a players manager and always will be. I think that’s an amazing trait in him. That’s not what I’ve been struggling with however. The thing that’s really been grinding my gears is how damn stubborn he is when it comes to his “Old School” train of thought. Lately all I seem to be hearing out of his mouth is “That’s just the way it’s been” or “That’s just not how things are done.” This is all fine and dandy when it’s working but when it isn’t he needs to adjust quickly and put this team in the best position to win. I’m not going to fly off the handle here I just wanted to put that out there.

Now let’s get to some random thoughts that have crossed my mind lately. First off, if you think that this team hasn’t been living up to expectations it may be time for you to take a step away from the ledge, take a deep breath and realize what this team has done so far this season. Yes we’re in 3rd place in our division but damn near every other team in baseball would be in 3rd place in this division! The Cardinals have been on a mind boggling run so far… it won’t continue. The Pirates look like they may be for real this year but we’ve said that before about this team (See the last 3 seasons before the All-Star break) but this season is nowhere near over and they still have a lot to prove.  The Reds on the other hand have managed to continue to win despite a lead-off hitter that is slumping, they lost their clean up hitter, half the bullpen is injured/demoted. I have nothing but faith that this team is still the team to beat.

Second, every person that says the Reds organization needs to do whatever it takes to sign Choo to an extended contract better be doing everything they can do to provide the team with revenue by buying tickets to every home game they possibly can. The Reds can print money, like our government seem  to be able to, so with out your butts in seats player will get paid by another team.

My third and final thought for you guys today is more a message than anything. Put @Reds and #Whiff on every tweet you possibly can to help the Reds Community Fund win TEN GRAND!!! That’s $10,000! We as a fan base continue to kick ass in these type of contests and I’d hate to see this organization miss out on this huge opportunity to raise some more money for the amazing things they do in the community.

Thanks for reading and Let’s go Reds!!!!

If you would like to see what’s on my mind in a more real-time manner you can follow me on Twitter @BgRedRedemption 


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