Reds Rangers Preview

The Cincinnati Reds are taking on the Rangers of Texas this weekend!

This will be interesting as the Reds haven’t taken on the Rangers a whole lot.  I can only think of one other time we’ve played at Texas in itself.

In reality this series is going to come down to two teams going at it, one of them coming off a very strong couple of weeks and the other coming off a pretty bad couple of weeks.  The Reds have dropped 6 out of 8 games in that time frame averaging about 2.5 runs a game and with a .204 batting average.  Joey has had a rough week  and Choo has had a rough June.  Overall though what will be interesting in this is the Reds matchups.

Johnny Cueto is coming off a disaster of a start last weekend against the D-Bags…errrrr D-Backs.  How will he pitch?  He’s supposed to be the Ace and everyone I mean everyone has a bad game every now and then, but with his injuries this year you have to wonder just a bit is this an aberration?   Will it happen again tonight?

Mike Leake has pitched like a mad man this year, he seems to have finally “Got it” and if finally “Putting it together”  is he really?   I think so.  I think this is first round draft pick Mike Leake having now spent his time up here maturing and he is on track to honestly pitch himself into Ace territory.  I see him pitching very very well.

Mat Latos has also pitched very well and is already in this Ace conversation.  To be honest I have absolutely no qualms with calling him the staff ace.  He should also have a solid weekend.

That brings us to the Rangers.

The Rangers seem so different this year to me.  They aren’t.  They’re still a damn good hitting team who gives up a lot of runs.  Its not that shocking that they seem different though, after losing Josh Hamilton and Michael Young this year in the offseason they have Lance Berkman now and oh yeah don’t forget former Rookie of the Year Giovani Soto.  Don’t know who he is?  He won the Rookie of the Year for the national league the year that Joey Votto lost it.

The real worry though is the new 1st Baseman for the Texas Rangers.  The dude has been killing it all year posting a 1.000 Batting average and a 4.000 Slugging percentage for a unheard of 5.000 OPS.  Seriously how the hell are we supposed to stop him?


This “Walker” as he goes by will be a test for Reds pitching, we shall see how he does this weekend.  Will we even record an out against him?

Overall this is going to be a tough weekend for the team.  BUT with a sweep they can salvage a .500 Road Trip, which anytime we go on the west coast and end up .500 is a win for us.

So hell with it Reds with all 3.


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