The Wagon

Ok raise your hand for just a moment if you jumped off the bandwagon over the last few weeks?

Go ahead, no ones around.

No one will see you.


No seriously, these last couple of weeks have been trying to be a fan, they really have.  In particular in Oakland and at times in texas the team just looked lethargic, they looked down.  But This team THIS REDS TEAM is home!  THEY ARE HERE TO ROCK OUT. Seriously this team is in town facing stiff competition from the Giants.  This is basically the same giants team that came here and did us dirty on our home soil last year in the playoffs.  The Reds are up for the competition.

I have said time and time again that if they cant get “up” for the Giants series after the playoffs last year they cant get up for anything.

Last night they answered.  They came out and trounced the Giants in a shortened affair and we still have them for 3 more games! At the worst the Reds were 5.5 games out of first by the end of the giants series they could be as little as 2 games out.

That being said, the band wagon is still close by!  We’ve been running at parade speed so anyone who jumped off can still catch up!

Come on up and rejoin us its cool, we won’t tell anyone you were off for a couple of days!

Also as a side note the new HFS is up for download in all of your favorite download place.  ITunes, stitcher, libsyn, xbox music, zune, blackberry, android.  you name it its up there.

Just in case though, you can download it from here. We do a lot including give out midseason awards and review man of steel with HUGE spoilers!


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