Diary of an Angry Reds Fan II

First Off

To be honest I wasn’t sure what to call this,  I was in between a new “Diary Post” and a  new version of my series “In Defense of”  Enjoy.


First off Yes, I am annoyed.  I think that any fan has a right to be annoyed at this point.  This is a team that has one of the best records in baseball and its losing to scrub teams like the Mariners and Brewers.  Heres the thing I do not have unrealistic expectations.  I don’t! I get it!  If a team has a .600 winning percentage they will win 3/5 games.  If a team has a .400 winning percentage they will win 2/5 games.  Its statistics, its math, its pure numbers.

So when someone says “you need to beat the teams you should beat”  they usually mean “well you should sweep the Mariners and you should sweep the Brewers”  That’s not realistic.  Based on pure statistics alone you have to know that won’t happen. That doesn’t mean you cant hope for it, pray for it, even try your best to use the force to make the ball slip out of Cargos frigging left hand so it goes over the wall and your team has a chance to close down an elusive friggin win.

What it does mean is just a bit, temper expectations.

This is where my problem lies right now, and my problem is two fold.  Problem 1) is this team is just not winning ball games.  Games like today where you give up 2 runs you should be able to score 3.  THREE RUNS DOES NOT SEEM LIKE YOU ARE ASKING FOR A LOT.

I think that’s a large part of the issue here.  In these 4 games they’ve lost to “Sub par” teams its been by a combined 7 runs.  On Saturday they outscored Seattle by 9 runs which means if you just look at runs scored for this series of games The Reds have actually outscored opponents by 2 runs!  They’re 1-4!

A Different Annoyance

This brings me to part 2.  I’ve hinted toward it a bit up top, We as fans need to step off the ledge just a bit.  Look I get it,  I will guarantee if you heard the expletives out of my mouth last night when Cargo grabbed that damn ball from over the damn wall you would know my passion and just how upset I was.   Passion does not have to mean jumping to ridiculous conclusions or becoming bandwagon fans!

Theres no reason to trash the team or make statements that I’ve seen today like “Votto Failed again”  AFTER HE WALKED WHEN WE WERE DOWN 2-0 IN THE 9TH!  The thing is I saw this post on twitter multiple times.  I thought the first person was joking!  By the 3rd I said theres no way all of them are joking, right?

My “Favorite” today was something along the lines of “Well I’m not emotionally invested in this team because theres no way they play in October and if they do they wont go anywhere”.  No offense but the bandwagons full.  Don’t bother getting on come October if this team is in the post season. For that matter don’t bother telling me or anyone else about how you knew in july they weren’t going anywhere if they don’t make the post season or if they get eliminated in the playoffs.  1)Its that type of self congratulatory and self defeatist attitude that makes it unbearable at times to be a fan 2) If you’re not “Emotionally invested” then why do you bother to watch/read/listen/tweet about the team?

I know this part seems preachy, hell it probably is but for those of us who live and die with this team for those of us who listen/watch to every game and for those of us who fill up GABP every chance we get its unbearable to hear this type of self defeated attitude.  Don’t get me wrong, be you’re own fan.  If you’re a “#FIREDUSTY” go ahead, be a fire Dusty!  If you’re a #RedlegsNeverSayDie, great be a Redlegs Never Say Die! If you’re a #WeDontPayVottoToWalk, First I’d like you to ever so politely articulate you’re point on how him having a lower OBP will help this team, go ahead, put it in the comments section below, after that its cool, be a “We Don’t Pay Votto To Walk” guy!

But don’t constantly get on and jump off the bandwagon.  I know I made a joke about this last week, but its real, there are fans out there like this.  Don’t be one.

That being said, I’d prefer not to leave this on a down note.

I’ve been listening to a lot of “How did this get made” a great podcast that talks about really bad movies and rips them to shreds.  Every so often they talk about good movies and praise them, usually over the top action films like Crank or Fast 6.  I looked them up after greg and I had a discussion on last weeks show eviscerating The Matrix Sequels.

They did a show on “Street Fighter” and reminded me of two of the greatest cinematic moments in history.

The first is a scene with Bison (Raul Julia in sadly his last work) and Chun Li in which Bison delivers the greatest movie line in history…Watch, you’ll know it when you see it….funny I post this on a Tuesday night.

The Second is the greatest speech in film history.

Now tell me will the Reds want to go home?  OR WILL THEY WANT TO GO WITH GUILE?!!!!!!!!


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