Things I Have Learned This Week

First, let me apologize for slacking off on my duties and commitment to Head First Slide.  The truth is that watching the Reds games while reading along on Twitter has frustrated me lately to the point where I have stayed away from social media during the games. This has usually meant I am not on my devices when the mood strikes to write something up, so I haven’t been.  A lame excuse, no doubt, but I will try to be more vigilant moving forward for my fans…  Both of them (my mother and my daughter).

However, I will use tonight to highlight a few things I have learned over the past week or so to try to make up some time, so let’s get at it:


You Don’t Like Zack Cozart Hitting Second In The Lineup

I get it. Everyone on Twitter gets it. Let’s see if we can get some tweets about something other than the lineup. Which reminds me…


People Would Cry About Your Lineup, Too

Dusty Baker is a major league manager who has won a lot of games. You may have played ball in high school and probably have a few PS3 trophies for MLB 13. Dusty Baker isn’t infallible, but I think he gets the nod in the “better equipped to make a major league lineup and manage a ball club” department.


Twitter Voting Contests Need To Calm Down

It seems like everything is being voted on through our timelines anymore.  I will fully support contests that win money for our community or a roster spot for our players, but that’s about it. Please use the hashtag #TwitterContestsNeedToCalmDown or #TwitterContestsAreAwesome to vote how you feel about this topic.


Brewers Fans Don’t Want To Be Worse Than The Cubs

Twitterless Dan told me that during the Brewers series. I was begging for a Reds win and he, being a Brewers fan, told me that they need wins to end up in front of the Cubs. I suppose that counts as throwing in the towel before the All-Star break?


The Chop Is Dumb, But The Woo Is Worse

That about says it all.


I Have An Irrational Fear Of Zombies…

…but I just started reading World War Z, a book about a zombie outbreak and decade long zombie-war.  I can tell this book will be a good one because the author describes the office of the director of the CIA and includes “…and, on his desk, an autographed baseball from Cincinnati Reds catcher Johnny Bench“. I think I’ll enjoy this author if THAT is a detail he chose to include.


My Daughter Turns One In Three Weeks…

…and my wife wants me to BUILD a swingset in the backyard before having family over for her little party. This could end up glorious or disastrous.


That’s about it, for now.  Here’s hoping the Reds can pull off a couple wins before the All-Star break to calm some of the armchair GMs down for the break. Just try to remember – unless you are on the team, work for the team, or have an unfortunate gambling problem, baseball is ENTERTAINMENT and is supposed to BE FUN. 




Thanks for reading my angry rant.  If you have any lessons YOU have learned this week, feel free to share them in the comment section or on Twitter at @GeoffreyHoman.





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