Annnnnd We’re off!

The beloved Cincinnati Reds have taken the next four days off (along with every other team in baseball) but don’t you worry!  We here at Head First Slide will have you covered!  We have new content coming this week for all of your perusing pleasure to keep you entertained while you await our beloved hometown team to return.

First, why not download a new episode of the podcast? Heres a link! This weeks show features a breakdown of the last two weeks, Richard gets on his soap box and a look at the most recent entry in the fast and the furious franchise Furious 6!

Why not peruse our back catalog? Its available on iTunes, Stitcher, Blackberry, libsyn, Xbox music pretty much wherever fine podcasts are available.

The Home Run Derby is tonight!  What are your thoughts on it?  Do you like the event?  Do you think its just for kids?  Do you have a favorite?  Sound off below!


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