Wheres the beef?

I have a beef with the Home Run Derby.

That beef is now a decade old and to this day drives me crazy.

Adam Dunn has never been in a home run derby.

Yes, that is my beef, I understand to many of you that will come off as being ridiculous as Dunner hasn’t exactly been all star caliber his entire career.  But he has been an all star twice including last year!  That being said often whats pointed out that the only players who play in the derby are usually All Stars and it was pointed out a few years ago that this doesn’t have  to be the case.

Yoenis Cespedes won the HR Derby yesterday and quite frankly was a beast of a man while doing it!  He also is not on this years AL allstar roster.

This brings me to my idea.  Make it so that the HR Derby participants are not current year all star starters, or even all stars at all.

Heres my reasoning for it.  Cespedes had a lot to play for last night!  He is not in the game tonight and if he wanted to go out there and prove something then he had to do it last night and he looked like a man who wanted to prove that he had been “slighted” as opposed to a Cano or a Fielder who didn’t look like they really cared.

Look at Hamilton a couple of years ago!  he became a star overnight due to his exposure in the HR Derby.

Imagine last night you had Dunn in the Home Run derby!  He would put on one of the best displays ever! Either he would hit 20 home runs in a round or he’d strike out 10 times, no in between.  You could have had Domonic Brown, Jay Bruce, Paul Goldschmidt and a slew of others.  That being said you also need to kill this ridiculous “Team Captains” picking the team.

Theres no reason to do anything else than to pick the best players.  I love Michael Cuddyer as much as the next guy and he looked good last night but there is no way you can tell me you’d rather see Cuddy than Bruce or Domonic Brown.

The HR Derby is fun, it really is, but imagine how much better it could be!


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