New Podcast, Show Notes and Peter Edward Rose

Hey all the new show is up up up! Get it here or iTunes, stitcher, blackberry, xbox music, or really anywhere that fine podcasts are served.

First off huge apology, we had a What Would Pete Rose Do for this week and in all the rush to record I forgot it. So here it is in digital form as well as next show we’ll record it for posterity.

1)Aside from the Fosse incident what would you say is your all star moment?  Winning run 12 th inning 1970 game In Cincy

2)There are 3 ways to get elected to the game, fan vote, manager pick and player vote. Is one more of an honor or more special?   player vote is more special than the others

3)Do you think interleague play has taken something away from the all star game now? yes I do

In this show we talk a lot about trade targets for the Reds if you’ve been following me on twitter you have to know by know my favorite is HERE aside from everything else he is coming off a injury that kept him sidelined through the month of may and into June, that means that in general you should be able to buy low on him.  While he is playing now and playing well he has not lived up to his hype for his current team and should be available for the right price.

Add in controlling him until 2017 and he seems like a real nice fit in left.

This week we had Mr In the Gap himself Kevin Martindale on, as always he charmed gregs pants off (theres a reason we did this week by Skype, it got disturbing last time) and was very funny.  If you haven’t yet please check out the in the gap site on spreadshirt and follow on twitter @inthegapshirts for the latest news and new shirts!

Please remember all profit from ITG goes to good cause.


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